Friday, May 19, 2006

Feeling a bit sick today. Been sneezing every now and then. At least I won't be working on a Saturday. Anyways, watched "Amazing Race 9" last nite. Nerve wrecking! I was watching alone and was cheering for BJ and Tyler hehehehe. YAY!!! They've won!!! Oooooo they went to Japan. Woo~~~ kewl. Wanted to watch "Supernatural" and "Hex" after that, but I was too sleepy.
Watched "American Idol" earlier, as predicted again. Elliot is out. Heheh. Oooooo not trying to say bad things about my sis but she pisses me off sometimes. Well to be exact? Most of the time. She was being really mean/rude yesterday. We're like watching tv and I was eating / dinner. She wanted to see what I'm having, I turned a bit and she called me "stewped". WTF!?! How mean. Then, "American Idol" finish, actually left Elliot singing his last song there, I change channel coz it's already 6pm and I wanted to watch korean drama "Sad Sonata" on tv2. She goes saying "NEXT TIME IF YOU WANTED TO WATCH, I'LL DO THE SAME THING TO YOU". Again, clueless. WTF?! *confused. She must be having her period or she's just like that? *pfttttttttt.
Early to work today. I arrived around 8:05am. To the office that is. *pftttt. Had half boiled egg for breakfast. Don't think it's enough though. So, brought potato buns with me. Hmm wut I'm gonna have for lunch hmm. Maybe I'll go "tapau" some rice or burgers or anything downstairs. *pfttttt~~


  1. ko pun sakit suda mas? aiyoo...

  2. Hmm... sisterly love... :P

  3. hahaha very funny lil one.

    yeah. urang di opis jangkit one. everyone seems to be sick