Friday, July 16, 2010

Opening of Hobby Densetsu (Moe Yume Branch)

Went to Star City North (formerly known as Kompleks Asia City) for lunch with my brother earlier.

Sabah Motor Bona nza Fair 2010 tomorrow.  My friend, Clay, band will be performing tomorrow.  Gonna go tomorrow to support!

Went to Yuen Wei Coffee Shop (click here for my rave) for Kon Lou Mien coz my bro never try it before.  Glad he liked it.  This place is always full.  We were sharing table with an uncle.

We went to check out Hobby Densetsu around past 1pm.  It wasn't open, my bro gave me a tour of the place.

Hobby Densetsu.  Still no signboard/sticker.  If only we got red paint, we'll be painting it kekeke maybe? Oh you wish!  Can see some of the available stocks there.  Official opening is today (16th July 2010) at 6pm, refreshments will be served around that time.  It's open already.  I was there around 2pm++ earlier.   Info on facebook, here.  Blog post, here.  There's some nendo stocks there *uhuk uhuk~ I saw red hair shana.  I want saber lion T_T

Kirameki Cafe opening soon, next to Hobby Densetsu.  Wait for their updates at their facebook page, here.  And their blog, here.  Still under renovation.  Waiting for furniture to come in.

AI Solutions is having their opening today too.  I was there earlier.  Got free fewd.  The vegetarian sushi is great btw.

Opps I forgot to take photo of the computer learning centre.  Practical Creative Studio.  No worries, click here for their website.

Other shops that are ready to open soon.

Now the toilet.

Going up to the event halls.

Oh yeah,that's my bro going down XD  He lost so much weight compared to me.  Must reach targeted weight! RAWR!  Oh and that's about it.  Don't think I can make it to the 6pm opening though.  :-/


  1. this place really look great in photo... i love this place. really quiet

  2. I hope it won't turn out to be dead like KAC.

  3. yalah looks nice that place. tapi kamu juga lah massy, antara org2 awal yg pi explore the place. :)

  4. @chegu: ehhehe coz fren's shop mar, besides, the maid cafe belongs to my brother XD

  5. been to Hobby Densetsu today...that shop is evil...lots of poison thgs...can't hold like wanna have it all the stock

  6. @bernard: hur hur hur. are you getting any? XD

  7. i already bought something. yay.

    hmm..mas is the opposite of slowpoke?