Monday, July 05, 2010

Roadtrip to Music Fest 2010 at the Tip of Borneo, Kudat (Day 1)

I know I haven't been blogging much lately, I guess I ran out of story or maybe I was too lazy to come up with new ones lately.  Anyways, before I start with my post about roadtripping to Kudat, I totally recommend everyone to read this comic by a forumer, tetsuhighrose from LYN coz I thought his comic is awesome! XD

I'm not sure if you need to be a registered member to read this though, but here's a link, click me!  Just in case you can't and too lazy to register, you could drop me a message and I'll send you by email.  Hehehe.  Just coz I sent 77 images of that comic to a friend earlier today.  Yes, I'm such a multitasker.

Now my roadtrip.  It was on a Saturday (3rd July 2010).  Me and a bunch of friends from the forum, CSP had a roadtrip "planned" (I don't think it's a well enuff plan) to the Tip of Borneo at Kudat for Music Fest 2010.  I think there's 9 of us including my siblings and mum in 3 different cars.  Since mum prepared breakfast for us, we sort of got off first.  I think the others were 30 minutes away from us.  Mind you, I've been to Kudat area before but never to the Tip of Borneo.  None of us have.  And we were in doubt to where we should go.  Not confident but if you follow the signboard, you can't go wrong rite?  I'd search for a bit of info. about where and how long would it take for us to get there.  Roughly less than 3 hours if I'm not mistaken and around 160km++ from my house?  I think?

Lemme show you with google map hehe.

View Towns in the Kudat Division of Sabah in a larger map

We've dropped by Ban Hing at Menggatal town for some butter cream hot buns.

We made mum show us a peace sign lol.

There was an accident around the Menggatal Shell station around 11am.

My bro slowed down for me to take this.  Look at that stretch caused by this.  I'm not sure how it happened or did anybody get hurt.

One of the things that we should remember is, not to miscommunicate and to owez remember to bring the mp3 emulator for time in need.  Imagine I had woke up earlier in the morning just to compile my songs and due to communication error, none of us (well actually me and bro) brought it along hahahhaha.  I know, sick rite?  We were suffering all the way without music.  But we were sort of high from all the laffing and funny stories. 

And the thing about us, we (specifically mum and dad) likes to stop by to buy fruits.  We reach around Kudat area for jagung bakar (grilled? corn) at around 1pm.  And you think we'd get hungry?  I doubt that.  We have quite a lot of stuff to eat in the car ahhahahahha.  Since we got sort of separated from the beginning, we were updating each other (friends) through sms.  Chucky caught up with us after Kg. Pandasan area.  And spotted Ripz behind us around 1:30pm.  And I was wondering where they were.  LOL!  We weren't slow, we just stop a lot hahahaha.  Oh and that time when my bro didn't wanna overtake a fuel truck.  I can't remember how many times me and mum keep telling him to.  It was funny.

We reach Kudat town at around before 3pm and hunt for hotel rooms.  But most of the hotel in town are full.  I can't remember how many were there but all full.  My other frens had made earlier bookings, so they're safe.  We thought if we couldn't get any room, we'll sleep in the car or drive home the same nite.  But lucky for us, there is a room at Kudat Golf & Marina Resort.  LUCKY! I actually wanted to go around and take photos but I was too tired from sitting in the car for almost 3 hours or so. 

Oh yeah, I bought a 50mm lens from Chucky the other day.  I brought it along but didn't get to use it much. 

Kudat was HOT!  Burning! @_@"""

Got our room.  Driver fainted like dugong.

I had to "syuh" him away coz I wanted to take photo.

How can 4 person sleep on this bed?

Here's some shot I took of the room hehe.  We were suppose to chip in for the room but mum said dad gonna sponsor it. Yay, save $$.

The downside of it is that, there's leaking and no refill soap/shampoo.  Lucky I brought mine along.  I guess it's peak season? 

Driver hungry.

We didn't eat lunch and went to Tip of Borneo at 4pm.  It's a 40 minutes drive from town.  I think.  Seems so far away.  I'm guessing there's more than 1 road?  Dun worry, the road is fine, except there weren't any street lights.  Again, we were unsure of the road, just follow signboard.  And there's like two (2) different ones, new and old pointing at different directions.  We decided to follow the new signboard. 

Spotted this when we turned to the wrong direction.

We could get there earlier except there were this slowpok uncle driving kancil in front of us and he's not giving us way to overtake.  When we tried to overtake, I think he went all panicky and swerve to our direction.  It happened to the other car too but that fellow manage to overtake after few attempts.  I thank gawd I'm not the one driving coz I'll be yelling at em.  Oh and there were t his tourist bus, crazy driving so fast and everytime had to reverse coz he'd miss the junction.  It was funny.

We parked somewhere at the beach area coz Panja told me that parking at the top is full.  A lil bit of walking won't hurt.  Besides I need my exercise.  There were stalls set up near the beach selling fewd and drinks, there was one (1) at the top selling can drinks for RM2.  I know this coz it was so hot and I need cold drinks.

The stage area. WOOH!  Direct sunlight!  I know it's for the sunset view/feel but 5pm direct sunlight is not farnie.  We decided to walk around sight-seeing. 

More photos, a lot of people.  Take turns in taking photo at the globe thinggie.

Got to the stage area around 6pm.  No place to sit.  I was standing at the side hence didn't get much shot.  We should have gone there earlier but mum said it's too hot, we were standing under the fan to cool lol.  Oh yeah, does anyone know where's the WC?  I dunno where issit.

The orchestra.  I couldn't concentrate on the orchestra coz a bunch of people in front of me where talking and giggling @_@ and everyone somehow is taller than me.  I thought having this event is awesome but performance was a bit weak, I ain't feeling it. 

The crowd.

Anyways we sort of left early coz mum was tired and everyone is sort of hungry, except me.  I dun feel like eating.  People start leaving before 7pm.  Oh, it's a 2 hour show @_@ oh ok, didn't know that.  So much for sunset, it was mostly covered by clouds.

I'd like to go there again one of these days.  Not enuff time to go around.  I wanna walk at the beach man!

Going back to town was faster and we came out from a different road.  Oh ok.  Went to the pasar malam (night market), hmm, looks like a fewd court but the fewd sold there like the ones you could get from a night market in KK.

They sell fruits there too.

Dinner!  Mine was bits and pieces of it.  I wasn't hungry.

The fried mee was RM1.  They usually sell it for RM1.50 and told us RM1 is too little.  To us is a bit too much.

Finish dinner and went back to the hotel at before 10pm, showered and slept at 10pm.  In my case that is.  I think I woke up around past midnite or something, heard people shouting and some noise.  Couldn't sleep coz it was so cold and nobody bothered to adjust the aircond, everyone was cold hahahhaa.  And I was covering self with bedsheet as blanket, not thick enuff! Wargh! So damn cold.  But that's all fixed with hot water.  Ahhhh~

- to be continued


  1. We stayed in the same hotel when I was there 2 months ago. -__-

  2. @Donna: not bad oh the place, but those noise from the toilet aduh~