Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oozie Woozie

To Do:
  • I need to rearrange my room, coz everytime I sit in front of my computer, I get all woozie and shite. Feng shui not ngam ni. I need to move out the tv coz it's sucking all my energy when I sleep.
  • Eat more herbs, I've been sneezing quite a bit lately and I'm starting to lose my voice @_@
  • Finish up with the curtains sewing thinggie and change the gawddamn curtains.
  • Start on my sewing project @_@ I is amalas.
  • Have my Pinky Street Figure arranged nicely in the box after take photo.
  • Actually there's more but I'm currently unstable from sleeping too much. Yes, my so called "nap" last nite turned into sleeping @_@ Bad! VERY BAD! Slept before 9pm woke up around 1am is shitty I tells u =_="
I hope I recover soon.


  1. Everyone seems to be getting the sniffles lately, including me. I'm taking my herbs too.

    Hope you get well soon!

  2. Kenapa tambah malas mau post ni? :P

  3. rozella: thankie..i hope u get well soon too *hugs

    compy: yeah penyakit bah ni...malas and kurang informasi XD