Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Cubex

I'm done mourning. Life goes on even it's farked up at times @_@

Well, this is yet another crazy last minute plan.

Lemme start with the planning. Thanks to Fara and dori for helping me plan this crazy "mini BBQ party" ala surprise birthday party for my brother, cubex. Thanks to uncle, for letting us have our little BBQ at ur place again (wish we had ur dad's curry). It was so last minute that we had to invite ppl 1 day before the party @_@ kerapu~ (this is where I start to panic). Well we actually planned to get cupcakes for the birthday cakes but somehow I decided on the usual classic 1 big cake hehe. Which is...

Chocolate Chip Walnut from Secret Recipe

Well since it's potluck, we had people bringing stuff for us weeeeeeee. Thanks to everyone who came! And uh thanks for the fewd. These are only some of it. We had chicken wings, sausages (with cheese filling) and black pepper lambs too.

And our usual "griller" not giler ah, dori XD Ko grill mmg sadap man! XD *thumbs up. Wait make that double *thumbs up.

Well actually I was suppose to pick the cake up at Warisan Square at around 3 -5pm but it was way too early so I decided to pick 540 up from KAC and accompany me to pick up the cake coz I'm way too lazy to go by myself, besides, I juz wait in the car *giggle. The cake is a present from me and my 2nd sis (well since my parents are out of town). Went to pick the pie 540 baked for cubex at her house and pick Jack up after that. Coz his house was near.

Arrived at uncle's place around before 7pm, "oh gawd, we're early". Oh, we're not alone. Nick (fallenone) was already there. *rofl I had 5 rounds of Mario Kart with Nick. He cheated *nods nods. XP

Everyone reached around 8pm. I was hungry. I had the fried mee/mee hoon that Nick brought. Oh the mee hoon, tasty! I rike. This time we were loud. I mean loud. It's a loud crowd. But it's fun. There are some funny moments which I won't wanna tell coz it's too crazy @_@

People was playing foosball all nite.

While waiting for the clock to strike midnite, here's wut happened. Uncle freaked out when he saw frogs @_@

You can actually see his paranoid face.

Ahhh this is the spider web cheese flan that 540 baked especially for cubex, but we shared it hehe. Btw check out the recipe at her blog, here. Tasty! XD

We played taboo. It was fun! XD

When the clock strike midnite, *giggle It was hard making ppl stay till the surprise cake.

fallenone and jason left early T_T

Last but not least, thanks to everyone who came for the BBQ tonite! Thanks for the great fewd! It was fun!!!!

I came home after 2am weeeeeeeeeeeee. I is high. XD

More photos, here.

Anyways, I should get off to bed now, it's 5am and I'm hungry! =_="



  1. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Happy bday to your bro... heehe. btw, that's one nice cake.

  2. thanks arms XD yeah it was but not as tasty hmmm

  3. what is the meaning of this? why is that video up there?

  4. but uncle, sharing is caring? XD

  5. Bestnya! Seems like you guys had tons of fun. :)

  6. rozella: yeap we did XD fun..the fewd was great! XD next time we wanna karaoke XD

  7. Ah man... shouldn't have left so early. XP


    At least, I wasn't the one using some unlocked ghey car that almost has full specs in everything... XD

  8. tulah nick! i told u not to leave but noooooooo did u listen? nooooooooooooooo.. XP

    nick gg! sendrey using unlock's not my fault u dun haf dat car hahahahhaha XD

  9. My fault for not using an unlockable uber ghey car against you ??


    Cheaters never win, mas...

    Cheaters never win. XD

    If you still think me winning was a fluke/cheat...


  10. gg!!!!
    nick cheats!!! not's not my fault..i wanna use nicer car..but it stop at lousy car hmph~

    REMATCH BAH!!!!!! SCARED OF U MEH?! XP hahahaha mari bah!!!