Monday, May 26, 2008

Movie Marathon

Kerapu~! I was sleeping but I woke up =_=" sux. And I shouldn't even feel this moody. Wait, or do I? Nope *giggle.

Gewddie, I'll blog about today's movie outing. Uh oh, I'm hungry. *let the starving pass, I'll eat in the morning.

This movie outing is brought to u by, Edgar a.k.a doridori. (Advertisement kijap). Thanks for getting the tix man.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - 11am
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - 1:45pm

The plan was to meet up at KFC Bandaran at 9am and hang out there till 11am. But did I stick to the plan? Nooooooooo XD I woke up (like my previous post) at before 5:30am, *sigh. Blogged and feed my cats. I know I should get ready around 8am but did I? No I didn't. I have no idea why I was laggy in the morning. I even get to clean the toilet. *giggle. I got ready at around 9am-ish. So I thought, since I'm still coughing and all, I shouldn't like eat fried fewd. Instead, I cook myself an egg (from a nonstick pan) and ate that with 2 pieces of bread and pray that I won't get hungry till both movie are over.

I left the house before 10am, went to fill em fuel and guess wut? I was stuck in a jam for few mins, I mean the cars are barely moving. Damn traffic light, and on a Sunday?! You gotta be kidding me! I called 540 up and went to pick her up. Made a U-turn from there and use another road, lucky for me. Reached the cinema at er I think it was 5-10 mins before 11am. And no, I wasn't speeding, I know em traffic rules ogie!

Some of em are already there. So, here's the 1st session, I mean movie, which is Narnia 2. There's erm like 6 of us who watch this movie. Head on to cinema 2. In between the movie, I was coughing, I'm sorry ppl.

I love it. I mean I love it. I know when I watched the first time, it slightly affected my mood coz I was sitting way in front. But since this time, we got gewd seats and I was in a really gewd mood, *thumbs~ I love em mystical creatures (AND NO 540, LOVING THOSE DOESN'T MEAN U GOTTA GET INTO MTG, U ADDICT!!! =_="). Oh and not forgetting that Prince Caspian himself looks like a hottie, ogie except for the "girly looking" moment throughout the end of the movie. I overall liked it. Gawd I even like the ending song! It's a song by Regina Spektor - The Call.

Now, the 1st Narnia, my fav song would be by Imogen Heap XD *giggle.

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We have 10 mins break before the next movie. I had to go to the loo. Gawd, took awhile for me to get in, it wasn't that crowded but I had to queue. =_=" No I'm not even complaining.

This time, there's 12 of us. Oh, and at that point, I was so hungry and my stomach was growling it's not even funny. And I think I sound slightly high. Coz I had medicine earlier after breakfast. OMG!

Move on to cinema 3, the earlier part notice I didn't mention about camera checking? Well this cinema do. Cameras aren't allowed into the cinema, I mean at Cathay which I think is retarded. I still dun get the point of having em keep my camera like last time. So, this time, the "smart" massy left her camera in the car (sure raise up some paranoid side in me, coz I never ever leave "stuff" before and I hate doing so, SHADDAP! I know I'm very particular with stuff @_@). It was the same dood, I know he's doing his job and all, but I was annoyed and I sound sarcastic. I couldn't help myself. *giggle. I think when he said he wanted to check the bag. I was like "Oh, this time I didn't bring my camera". And I was hungry!

Thank yew duck for donating some popcorn, though eating those could actually "kill" me. I mean make my coughing worst and yes it did. My throat was so itchy that I couldn't stop coughing. *kuyak~ Ogie, lets not talk about my cough or me being sick but the movie. FOCUS PPL! *takes a moment, know wut? I barely could remember anything at this point. See, this is how bad the movie was for me. I know it's suppose to be interesting and exciting, but that's juz it, I'm not. =_="

I got this "I feel retarded" feeling after the movie. Go figure. Gewd effort though, in trying to make it funny? O.o?

For discussion about the movie, click here (from forum) and Impy's blog too.

But compare these 2 movie, I like Narnia 2 better. It got me excited. That's why. Indiana Jones 4 was like urgh~ for me and it's not even becoz I was hungry.

I went to my car and took my camera for a group photo. Ogie maybe 2. The person, who I asked to help me take the photo, aduh~ no ready or anything, terus snap. Oh well. Here's almost everyone, almost coz Jason went off right after coz he have to open shop.

Oh yeah, and notice me and 540 wore the same color shirt again *giggle. This is the 2nd time. We're like twins but I dun play MTG XP

Went to KAC rite after coz I was damn hungry. Ogie, when I said I dun want to eat anymore porridge, I really meant it but since I can't stop coughing, I think I should. So I did, well with the exception I "culik" 2 pcs of chicken chop/fillet thinggies from dori. And when I said I'm hungry. I mean seriously I was hungry, I dun normally eat that fast. Ahhh, I feel slightly better, it still doesn't mean that I'm full too.

We were hanging out at KAC till 6:30pm, coz we were going to eat dumplings for dinner. We had a small NDS gathering of 4-5 ppl. Playing clubhouse DS. Oh it's so fun. We played 5 games from that game. And I still can't stop coughing. But it wasn't as bad as having that "crucial pain" for 2 days.

I had 9 pcs of dumpling. Fried dumpling to be exact *giggle. I'm not full, after the whole dinner thing, I went off around 8pm-ish. I dunno, I somehow lost my mood to stay longer. I showered, wait, did I? Oh I did. And I end up sleeping after playing CrossworDS. And now I'm up and I'm finishing up on my blogging.

Anyways, overall it's a fun day! (well except for the part where I sound high and something else but who cares rite?) as long as it's fun! Lets do it some other time. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Waw, my brain is active. =_=" How am I gonna sleep now *sigh. Whoever is reading this at this hour, "OI X PAYAH KERJA KA, TIDO TIDO!" *giggle.


  1. Anonymous8:28 AM

    waaa 2 big movies in a day... terus2 lagi tu heehe. hebat owh;P i dun really like Prince Caspian... not much fighting scenes...

  2. arms: well i'm fine if he's gay in the movie, it's all about mystical creatures for me XD

  3. Ooo..bestnya! And I love Regina Spektor! She rocks! You should definitely get her album if you don't have it yet. Damn cool.

  4. rozella: i know rite...i haf her album, the one with the samson song..but i think dat's the only song i like XD

  5. Movie marathons...lama sudah tidak buat oh. Fun when you do it with friends huh? :)

  6. kay: yeah it's fun when u do it with frens *giggle

  7. Anonymous12:49 PM

    I haven't watch Prince Caspian yet but he is a hottie for sure! hehe.. Indy sucked! :( Best lagi yang dulu2 punya.. *sigh*

  8. syura: yah butul! go watch caspian! XD hottie! XD