Friday, May 02, 2008

Thursday Super Outing

Thursday Super Outing (TSO) was planned for Dizzy chan. It was a last minute plan but it was worth it. For those who could not make it, we'll do it again next time! *peace.

Here was the plan, set up by Edgar/doridori.

Thursday Super Outing - breakfast @ Hilltop (FOO CHUK!!)

- to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park
- to putatan for lunch, head to the beach for camwhore + jalan2

- to Selera Kg Air for Satay and Dumplings

I woke up around 6am, do my routine checks (forum, blogs, facebook & mybloglog), got ready around 7am, went off around 7:30am-ish, reached hilltop, tapau-ed 3 packs of mix fish noodle soup and foo chuk, met Jack (early as owez), went off to pick dias, fill fuel, to irt's house to eat breakfast. After finish eating, we were chit-chatting till dori called us to go off.

And guess wut, it started to look like it's gonna rain, and it did around 10am-ish. The rain juz pass by. We waited for rob to reach irt's house and off we go.

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park is 5km from irt's house. Halfway there, we were unsure where to go, called our guide (dori) and follow the road like he told us to, and laffed coz from where we were it was too near hahahahahah. We reach there at around 11am. Full parking OMG! So crowded today. Yes, it's a holiday, I know.

13 people (5 cars) showed up: me, dori, rob, Dizzy, kana, chucky, jack, cubex, irt, rina, 540, mr p and dias.

daddy dori getting tix, yay we got rm20 extra XD

dori become daddy for the day *cough cough, with a dozen uncontrolled kids *rofl. kidding kidding.

the crowds

Most of the animals are hibernating.

for starters, the "landakz", sleeping @_@

the orang utans, such posers and the tiger XD

1) chucky's relative; 2) elephant was easy to shoot (quite near); 3) otters are cute 4) astaga berendam oh ni badak

the lemon pony

I had to skip the snake part @_@ I is paranoid. No can see no snakes @_@ I like turtles.

If you're wearing heels or non-comfortable shoes, please dun go to the botanical garden, 'nuff said.

We head off to KFC, Putatan for lunch (more like tea, coz it was around 2pm?). I'm stuffed.

Went off to Beach 2 at around 4pm. Crowded and strong wind. If u ever came across that kinda wind, try standing there for 1 hour, ur whole body would be covered by sand. *rofl, in our case, we were eating sand. My glasses were blurry becoz of it too. Some of them were drawing, some taking photos, some were making sand castle, ogie maybe not sand castle, more like turtles, face and etc.

was able to take only 1 shot of my pinky street figure @_@ strong wind, too strong till my figure can't stand @_@"""

dori going all baywatch now

Camwhore session

very strong wind, there's like sand, i think my hair would look better if the wind wasn't blowing dat way @_@

Went off around 6pm, some went home, some went and change. Too bad we can't stay long, I wanted to wait for sunset T_T. Me, I followed dori and jack to pick Jasmine. Were at Kg. Air at around 7pm-ish. Had dumplings and some satay kambings, stuffed and tired. Arrived home around 11pm. Dead tired. I slept all the way home, in the car. Thanks to my bro for driving.

More photos, here, Jack's photos, here, Kana's photos, here, chucky's post, here.

Overall, it's a fun and tiring day, but, it was worth it! It's worth a lifetime memory.

I actually got a lot more photos to show, but editing those photos are too time consuming, will try and upload it somewhere so everyone could look at it. Haf fun! XD


  1. erm...

    I thought it's a porcupine not a hedgehog? XD

  2. inda sama meh? @_@ antams sija la..

  3. Anonymous5:01 AM

    i wonder why the rhino selalu tidur sana... same position same place.. butulkah tu rhino tu? Manalah tau it's just a dummy XD! But he looks so kasian nie? The only one bah kan no friend? :( hope dia bukan sakit.. hope they really take care of him o!

  4. amie: oh yakah omg! malas ni..i was hoping it would move but it didn't, maybe dummy kot @_@

  5. :(

    I really hope you guys have something planned for June. :D

  6. Wah! Bestnya! Haven't been there, but it looks like fun :)

    Oh ya btw, you've been tagged! Hehe

  7. rozella: yeah it's fun! u should go there..oh yeah, wear comfortable shoes if u decided to go, i mean u'll be like walking like mad, especially if u wanna go to the botanical garden XD

  8. havent been there lama odi! Always love to go to the zoo!

  9. zoo is fun!!! well exclude the reptiles @_@ *paranoid moment..and funky smell XD