Thursday, September 13, 2007

Movie Marathon

I was watching "Bring It On: All Or Nothing" this morning after sahur. Actually I watched it on astro the other day but halfway. So, this morning decided to watch it. Oh btw, if u're wondering, this is not new. I'm confused. There used to be one staring Kristen Dunst isn't it? This one staring Hayden Panettiere

There's barely anything to do at work. So, I worked a bit and start watching movie again yes. My other colleagues, sleeping XD Btw, going home at 4pm weeeeee. I know married colleagues get to go back at 3pm -_-"

Anyways, was watching "I Think I Love My Wife" earlier. Gawd, this movie sucked! -_-" punya boring. So anyone decided to watch this? DUN! You've been warned. Why?! Coz as I finish watching this movie, the only thing that rings in my head is "F****" yeap~ vulgar words. The same one, every now and then in the movie, wait, I think nearly the whole movie almost each and every single character cursed. -_-" Oh btw, I think I saw Eva, one of ANTM winner? there. Oh and this movie staring Chris Rock. Gawd, such a boring movie.

Now I'm gonna watch "The Messengers"


  1. sikit lagi sia beli tu wayang.. I think I love my wife

  2. *phew..lucky for u XD kekekeke...i watch it online kekeke XD