Sunday, September 09, 2007

Borneo International Trade Fair 2007 and Matta Fair

I forgot to post about this. So, I see, there's gonna be new houses around my area. O.O I hope there won't be any unwanted noise, or we'll be moving again *sigh

Meanwhile, no electricity at my house from 9am to 5pm. Wrong timing butul oh ni SESB *sigh.

I went out with my parents and my sis to Borneo International Trade Fair 2007 at Likas Sport Complex. O.O wooh~ it's huge. I mean lotsa booth. Lotsa ppl. The only thing I didn't like is how stingy the girl at the front desk. She suppose to give away free er "koyok" (not sure wut's the translation, medicated patch thinggie?) but she was telling us dat still got lotsa ppl coming she can't give, well she only gave my mum. *lol. But mum took extra for me and my sis *cough. The next thing we realize, this guy from front desk took out few boxes and start giving to ppl -_-" teruknya tu urang.

Some of the booth there.

the biggest moon cake in borneo

8 booths from Brunei

koko XD chocolate XD

anyone spotted the corn man? *cough. this is scary *cough. btw, this was from my dad's photo collection XD 2 of my dad's company booth XD nelson's corn in cup and dpbs holding booth XD

Actually I got somemore booth shots but I'm a bit lazy to edit. -_-" bring me back to the time when I hated photoshop.

Another incident which make my dad turned moody. We weren't there to witness but he was yapping and complaining about it in the car -_-" urgh noise. He was buying something at this stall, the ppl are from Johor if I got this correctly. I haf no idea wut izzit but dad told me, he bought the stuff for RM90 while a chinese guy bought it for RM60. How my dad know this? The colleague of the person who sold it to my dad told him. First of all, I think she's stewped. 2nd of all, talking about racism/bias. Juz becoz my dad didn't talk the same dialect as other ppl who does, doesn't mean dat he should be treated differently. *sigh. That is juz sad to even hear it from my dad. *sigh. Things like this still happen -_-" it's juz sad.

After BITF, we went to Sabah Trade Centre to check out Matta Travel Fair 2007. -_-" we had to pay RM2 upon entrance and it was boring. Nothing to see here ppl XD

I had KFC for lunch. Then had durians XD

Me, my bro and mum went out to Inanam for dinner. This restaurant opposite of Restoran Juara? XD Serve chinese style cooking me likey~

this is not part of the meal XD this is the plush my bro got from that plush machine thinggie

chinese tea 30 cents XD

ikan bakar~ RM11 for my mum and bro, since i can't eat belacan XD

baby kailan with garlic. i lurve~ RM7

sizzling beef for my brother RM8 ka ni ah

deep fried talapia RM18 *cough. this is mine and i paid for it XD mwahahha greed~


  1. oowwhh...... *drooling at the food*

  2. *rofl...i oso drooling looking at it oh...kuyak~ baru last nite makan T_T i want more~

  3. Anonymous6:44 PM


    Wawawawawawawa ikan bakar!!!!!!

    I also want!!!! Adeii.. lapar gila sudah sia ni! >.<

  4. lol cin's expression XD priceless XD kekekekek...woo i can't eat belacan woo~

  5. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im so loving those foods!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Koyok?! Why would they wanna distribute that? LOL. By the way, its medicated plaster and my mother in law has stocks that can last for half a year!

  7. jewelle: i dunno why they distributed medical plaster *rofl...maybe ppl sponsor kot XD