Monday, September 24, 2007

CSP Forum

Yes, the forum was down yesterday around noon till 2am -_- Guess wut I did, browse facebook like a mad woman -_- save me~

I think I'm halfway crazy keep on pressing F5. On the other hand, somehow I can't stop wanting to eat waffles. My dad bought me some yesterday and it's not enuff T_T isk isk. I want more!!! Till I dun wanna eat it anymore. I dun care!

Can't stop thinking about money oso coz I want NDSL. Everytime I saw my bro playing his NDSL I feel depressed. I want my MONEH!!!!! T_T

I seriously dunno wut I should blog about now. I'll come up with something later.


  1. bah apalagi.. wanna make money, join us in the paid posting. So easy and for you even better. if my broken english can, apa lagi kau kan massy :D

  2. i go cindy blog facebook,i go here oso facebook,what is facebook?tell me tell me?

  3. papa: paid posting ah..malas oh XD

    shana: something like friendster but with tons more application XD

  4. Faceboooook!!!!

    Wah Massy, if you suddenly turn to paid posts, aku tabik kau. *chuckle* Tapi kau kan rajin update, bukan macam ku. Sporadic.

  5. acom: *pingsan.. XD

  6. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Shana: Facebook : Mukabuku. LOL!!!

    I'm trying to stay away from Facebook sudah ni.. mo gila odi. LOL!!

    PS: I just had A&W's waffles last week. Sedap!!!!! :D

  7. cin: *rofl...i oso want drawing on my graffiti *cough XD

  8. where to get waffles yang sedap ah here?? me pun kepingin makan.. hahahaha..

    oooOOoo.. facebook.. i'm still halfway through accepting friends' application invitations.. hahahaha.. overloaded ni nanti. kekekeke..

  9. shemah: nelson's kiosk...banyak around kk ni..

    i would recommend u eat it with chocolate and peanut butter XD

    though i like empty waffles

  10. facebook lagi?? shana tu sudah ada facbook tu tapi ndak pandai update anything.. nanti i give you more stuff to occupy yourself k? hehe.. i'm also a facebook junkie oredi ni.. exams next week pun still facebook-ing! lol!

  11.'s a disease!!! XD

  12. Anonymous7:10 AM

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  13. @Anonymous: most welcome ;)