Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Cubex's birthday dinner

It's been awhile since I blogged about fewd ei?  I'm gonna blog about it today.  Heheh.  

It was my brother's birthday 4 days ago.  Yes, it was on a holiday.  We didn't have our "ritual" candle blowing and cake cutting.  But we went out for a dinner at Dynasty Restaurant at Sri Selera Kg. Air for Steamboat.

My first time there.  I got every reason being excited.  I get to rave and I get to blog about it LOL.

How did we came to know about it?  Mum showed me the newspaper clipping.  I think it was on half price.  Usual price is at RM22 per person.

There I was, in one of my long dress.  Hehe.  No I dun wear dress often enuff to show it to everyone.  On rare ocassion I would though.  And since that I bought that dress online last week and loved it!

Anyways, this is what you get.



There's 4 selection of kinds of soup.  Tom Yam, chicken soup, herbal soup and porridge.  Newb blurness.  Confused with the porridge part.  We tested the herbal soup before deciding.  Er, we decided with tom yam and chicken soup.  

The verdict?

We put too many things in it that the soup which was divided in 2 section was all mixed up.  I couldn't taste the tom yam soup which to my sis is spicy/hot.  *blur.  Chicken soup taste like maggie chicken.  

Service is bad.  There's only 2-3 staff on duty.  Refills too slow.  

The meatball taste funny.  The shrimp and crab is not fresh.

The ice cream was out.  And the choices is between corn and blueberry?  Not quite sure with the one that ran out.

From all that, it totally killed my appetite.  

Steamboat Beijing at Nelayan or having it at home is still the best!

I think my disappointment gotta do with me wanting to eat Soft Crab XD hehehehe.

Since that this year we didn't get him a cake.  My sis decided to get him a spidey cupcake or better known as Cartoon Cup? for his birthday.  And selected a spidey cupcake playing ping pong.  I dunno whether to laff or I somehow find this cute.  I was singing a spidey song.  Please don't tell me to sing it again.  It only can happen when I'm sleep lacking LOL.

Yes, ever since the lizard incident.  I happen to be sleeping on a single person seater couch at nite.  Bad idea.  Super bad idea.  Not that the couch is not comfie.  But the noise! OMG the noise.  It's crazy.  Every nite, I end up sleeping around 1 or 2am but will hear sound from my sis coughing or my dad playing the music at 4 or 5am.  OMG! At about 6am, there'll be sound of people walking around or cleaning up the house.  Urgh.  

My thoughts goes way crazy about the fact that the lizard might jump on me when I'm sleeping.  HORROR on my side.  Prevention is better than cure you see. *sweat~

So, that's pretty much it.  Thanks for reading ;)


  1. Wah, the spidey cupcake is cool la :D

  2. Nick: I know rite? XD It's funny and cute XD and I can sing the theme too xD

  3. thanks for the review.


  5. tomato: u're most welcome.

    nex: omg spidey theme XD

  6. peh... tibe2 ku terasa lapar!! siot!! ehehe..

  7. Jard aku pun lapar ni

  8. Is that Spiderman edible? Coolness!

  9. perry: most prolly. I didn't eat it XD

  10. I've been here too.. hate it. The Nelayan Bukit Padang still the best for me when comes to steamboat'ing! hahaa...

    kau ni.. lapar sudah nampak semua ni.. isk isk isk

  11. PapaJPP: I know rite? We'll stick to the one at bukit padang. Itu lagi best! XD