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Friday, May 29, 2009

The month of May

Maybe my luck will be better if I hated 2009 less? *sigh.

One (1) unfortunate events after another. I should really try my luck and see if I win a lottery.

Gewd news first:

Apart from staying home most of the time, well for the month of May, I manage to save a bit of cash. That's the gewd news. Besides that, I've been playing a lot, I mean seriously A LOT of facebook applications. OMG!

I've also spent a lot of time at Internet Arena, Citymall for Killing Floor. *giggles.

Here comes the bad stories.

My car been acting up. Beside the fact that some of my hub caps gone missing, my car battery gripper went broken, now I face another car problem. Wheel bearing *sigh. I'm gonna stay home during the holiday till I get that thing fix. I don't like to be having to think that it'll be broken when I was on the road. Won't risk it. There goes my plan. Unless my mum let me drive her car *giggles. I doubt that will happen. I'll be spending my boring days at home it seems. Again.

My sis is getting married next Friday and I still got nothing to wear. I have though, black dress and black kebaya. Will that do? *curious. Oh yeah and my dad given me a duty I'm not fond of, maybe I should sms him back asking if I could other duty? Yes, same house also sms. Weird family rite?

Oh yeah, and the countless number of encounter, ok maybe I spotted reptiles too often lately. *sigh. Oh not forgetting this morning's incident, I was shocked to see a lizard in my room. HOW THE FARK DID THAT GET IN HERE?! OMG! And to add more panic, my mum told me there's a snake hibernating in a "tempayan" outside my house. ARGH! Not another one. She make it sound like a cute pet. IT IS NOT! SERIOUSLY IT'S NOT!

My home pc is having problems too. I think it's gonna retire soon. Firefox doesn't seem to work in this pc. So, I've installed Opera instead. Which is way faster and doesn't crashes. "Amin" to that.

I'd say I want a holiday now but I don't think I wanna go anywhere. But being home is less safe lately. *thinks.

Anyways, that's it for today. Thanks for reading and happy holidays!


  1. You should come to my house and see the lizards roaming around. It's like a lizard farm here! LOL!

    Hope things pick up for you soon.

  2. Nick: eeeks~ no wai @_@ I is no rike lizards. Thanks. yeah I hope so too

  3. wheel bearing really cost a bomb!! hehee i changed mine last time, and it cost me 900 bucks..arhhh!!!

    Anyway..happy long holiday to you too..sini teda cuti.. :(

  4. kadusmama: punya mahal! @_@ omg @_@

  5. I thought u have one kebaya that u've purchased online last time. Go for it..;) You must look nice on that kebaya..hehehe:D

    Well, snake is not a good sign. It sounds creepy..

    Anyway, Happy holiday Massy!

  6. Sabrina: Actually I got 2 kebaya. One is aqua and the other is black XD kekekeke..

  7. woah! so many things happen in ur May huh....aaah ur sis gettin married? Congratulations to her!!! XD I bet u n ur family gettin busy preparing this n that....u shud wear the black kebaya...looks cool!!! ;)

    start kerja today mcm malas suda!!!n my flu comin in!!! NOT GOOD FOR ME!!! :(

    i hope ur June gonna be better yah!!!

  8. amy c: thanks, yeah, i think so too. Hmm..hope june is better for me

  9. Wow..your life sure is lots more interesting than mine..haha..

  10. shally: how is ur life not interesting? I think everyone's life is interesting in many ways XD