Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Killing Floor

I'd first blame the person who showed me the trailer. *roll eyes.


It was release 4 days ago btw. I was anxious and excited when I finally got my hands on it last nite at Internet Arena, Citymall. HWA HWA HWA.

Killing floor is a survival horror first-person shooter based game. Multiplayer. Co-op 6 person. Woo hoo! Just like Left 4 Dead only we're killing demons kekekeke.

As usual, I was on my blur spree. Controls should be the same except there's no sprint function? Correct me if I'm wrong. Or I haven't found the controls yet? o.O?

Still not so use to using mouse to change weapon.

Anyways, you get to choose your perks. Lemme get wiki to explain wut perks are kekekeke.

Perks are not physical equipment. They are abilities/classes that players can unlock from feats they perform, like scoring 40 headshots, etc. You can only change perks once per match. They are as follow:
  • Medic: The medic perk can be unlocked by healing teammates for 1500 damage in a match. It grants:
    • +100% Recharge rate with med-syringe.
    • +50% Potency of medical injections.
    • +5% Faster movement speed.
    • -50% Damage from bloats' bile.

  • Support: The support perk can be unlocked by welding 2000 door hitpoints and killing 40 specimen with a Power weapon in a match. It grants:
    • +5 Max carry weight.
    • +25% Faster welding/unwelding with the welder tool.
    • Double frag grenade capacity.
    • +25% Max ammo capacity with the Handcannon, Shotgun, Hunting Shotgun and L.A.W.

  • Sharpshooter: The sharpshooter perk can be unlocked by scoring 40 head shots in a single match. It grants:
    • +25% Increased damage with the Winchester and the Crossbow.
    • +50% Greater head shot damage with all weapons.
    • -75% Recoil and spread with the Winchester and the Crossbow.

  • Commando: The commando perk can be unlocked by killing 20 stalkers and dealing 10,000 damage with the Bullpup. It grants:
    • +25% Damage with the Bullpup weapon.
    • -20% Recoil and spread with the Bullpup weapon.
    • +10% Faster reloading with all weapons.
    • Enemy health conditions appear on the HUD.
    • Automatically reveal Stalkers in an AoE.

  • Berserker: The Berserker perk can be unlocked by dealing 10,000 damage with melee weapons. It grants:
    • +25% damage with all melee weapons.
    • +10% refire speed with all melee weapons.
    • +15% movement speed adjustment when using a melee weapon.
    • +15% Damage resistance to all sorts of damage.
I'd used Support, Sharpshooter and Commando. I sucked at both support and sharpshooter. My level doesn't seem to increase wakkakaka. Used Commando in the end for few rounds. I'm sticking with Commando. Why? Coz I love Bullpup nyahahahah!

F.Y.I, your ammo does run out. *sigh. I rather shoot than melee attack. And sometimes if we were too far away from the shop, we might miss out in refilling ammo or getting new weapon. And you can't have every single weapon there is. There's a limit to maximum weight of items/weapons you can carry. Orz.

I'd explain about the enemies but erm I dun really know their types. So, click em wiki, here aight.

Overall, this game is uber fun! Lets play~~~

I hope I explain it clear enuff. If it's not, there's always wiki kekekeke. *peace.

Note: My brother still burns his teammates. *rofl. BEWARE~

Other info, check out this website.


  1. eeeh this type of game kin takut sa owh...heart attack owh sa nanti...ekekekekekeeee....

  2. Amy: it's not scary at all XD hehehe

  3. Macam hantu zombies la... I'm so not good with these type of game :)

  4. Nessa: those monsters aren't ghost or zombies, they are specimens. macam zombie tapi bukan. kekekeke. clone specimens ka tu ah..if i remember it correctly XD

  5. Looks good. Will give it a shot when I'm at Arena. :-)

  6. dino: yah!!! main kita main XD pew pew pew~

  7. I love games like these unfortunately I haven't played any games in ages ...

  8. Nick: lets play XD ekkekekekek

  9. Is this only co-op? Any single player campaign ka?

  10. perry: can single player also bah this. erm, most of the games i played bulih single player tu. But co-op se rasa best, coz play with ur frens, uber fun XD