Sunday, June 07, 2009

The early month of June

I've been neglecting my blog again.  It seems like this year, I don't seem to have anything to blog about.  Even if I do, I'm uninspired, as acom calls it.

Here's an update though.

Last Friday was my eldest sis, Lyne's (or everyone know her as DJ Selina Light from Sabah Vfm) wedding.  I apologize for the people who didn't get the invites.  I didn't handle the invites.  I handle the gifts only.  

Some of the photos I manage to take, click here.  Forget about the wedding reception.  

I was too bz giving away gifts to invited guests.  Hence, skipping dinner entirely.

It was a success, both my parents are happy with how it turned out.  My grandpa came all the way from Tawau.  He loss a lot of weight.  But it's fun to have him around.  He's a joker.

My uncle Ropnie's family also came.  Damn my cousins are tall.

My aunt Sara and Rainah's family also came to help.

Overall with everything else.  I've been playing Restaurant City on facebook.  That game is addictive.  SERIOUSLY.  

I've also been spending a lot, I mean seriously a lot of time playing Killing Floor.  OMG, 36 new maps is way GG.

That's pretty much it.  Yar, lack of motivation.  

I need a haircut!

I am so uninspired T_T


  1. Congrats to your sis! Semoga berbahagia selalu :D

  2. hehehe... a dj ek??? well congrats and wish her all the best for marital bliss..

  3. congratulations to ur sis massy!!!! XD

  4. Massy... i gotta say... it's the FASTEST wedding i've ever attended @__@

  5. Nessa: Thanks

    Jard: Yeah, she's a DJ XD

    Amy C: Thanks

    Fara: YAH!!!! It suppose to finish by 10pm man. Aku pun blur XD

  6. Congrats to your sister!

    And we all know what's keeping you from blogging :P hehh heh heh

  7. Congratulations to your sister :D And btw, I didn't get my invite ... LOL!

  8. Duck: Thanks, shhh shhhh~ i dunno wut u're talking about XD

    Nick: LOL, I'll invite you when I get married la XD how's that? XD

  9. Ur turn bila lagi? XD *runs away*

    Anyway,i have no motivation to blog too :D

  10. Mell: etto...itu kena tunggu XD ahhaha it's the no motivation month it seems XD

  11. Lyne looked beautiful, too bad we couldn't make it for the special time lah..maybe for your special day :-)

    btw what is lyn's husband's name?

  12. Intan: Tina's turn maybe XD

  13. Congrats to your sis! She looks really beautiful in the photos. :D

    Ya bah, kau ni gila main Restaurant City sudah. Baru 1 week I gone missing, you dah level up so much! WAHHHH!!

    By the way, you ada banana tak? I wanna trade if got. Or your friends have any extra banana? Desperate for one ni. :(

    PS: I also cannot help but keep checking on my restaurant. Matilah, how to do work like this??

  14. Cin: OMG! so true, ada urang start lagi lambat dari se yang hari hari on RC ni omg. Alah, I got 2 banana but kena trade sudah, I'll try to find some for u. XD Help me! XD I can't stop XD

  15. alamak.. ndak kena invite pun ni.. hahaha..

    bah, happy, i mean congrats to your sis DJ Selina... is she the one during our last bloggers meeting? Say congrats to her ok :)

    and i wonder when(if) you get married, will i be invited? Hmm... a million dollar question ni...
    ok back to FB'ing... LOL~

  16. PapaJPP: LOL, yeah ramai inda kena invite, penuh tu hall that nite. Aku jadi mangsa.

    Yes yes, the's the MC for SBG last year. Thanks.

    Bulih bah kalau ko! If la aku get married XD no guarantee XD