Saturday, June 20, 2009

An explanation to not updating for a week

Ogie here's the thing. Everytime I thought of something to write about (yes I wanted to update), but I can't seem to put em in words. So uninspired.

I have new readers! YAY! Welcome to my humble blog *cough cough. I rant a lot. Sorry 'bout that.

Lets get to the points shall we.

This past week (*roll eyes to the date of the previous post), I've been...

1. Reading a book. Murder on the Leviathan by Boris Akunin to be exact. I'm such a lazy arse. I can't seem to finish it fast enuff. I ADMIT! I dislike reading. I prefer people tell me bed time stories, that would get into my brain faster and more efficient (well that's how I learn anyways). It's been with me for a week or more than that. 223 pages of text. I only reach half.

What's this book about? Hehehe. MURDER! (SATSUGAI SATSUGAI SEYO! ehem~ distracted). Ogie la. It's mystery. Why can't they make it into a movie or something. It'll save me time to discover who killed Lord Littleby and his servants. *cough cough. Opps spoiler.

2. Watching movie. The most recent movie I've watched.

BLOOD: The Last Vampire. Simply described in 6 letters. B O R I N G.

Terminator: Salvation. It's not bad but way better than the above movie *cough cough.

3. Playing facebook application. Guilty as charge! I don't know how many games I'm playing LOL. SAVE ME! SAVE ME!

4. Pizza Hut got new menu! Mediterranean *drools. CHEESU!!!

Love the pizza, dun like the rice, the pasta ok la (actually it's the usual pasta with 2 prawn hekeh~). I've raved it here.

What's left to try now is the creamy chicken gratin *drools~

There's more but I can't seem to remember. Ogie fine! ONLINE SHOPPING! XD HARLP! (harlp = help).

This week stay home and try to clean room. Yeah rite.


  1. Massy, stay away from online's dangerous to your wallet!!

  2. @Perry: you are right. But sometimes the temptation is overwhelming XD