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Friday, June 26, 2009

Neat freak or Organize?

Are you a neat freak or are you just organize? That's one of the question I'd ask myself from time to time. But then, I've already know the answer to my own question hehe (this actually only happens when I hung my clothes to dry at the balcony *cough cough).

Ogie here's the thing. I'm not the neatest person alive. I mean I'm not neat at all. I know some of my friends who are NEAT. Like wayyyyyy neat? But I'm not even close to that. Maybe I'm messy but I have my limit to being messy. But I guess I'm just organized? @_@ Or I'm just weird?

Here's one of the things I'd like to do when I hung my clothes to dry at the balcony (which my sis and mum won't do *sigh yes it gets on my nerves sometimes, OGIE fine! All the time!!!). I don't know what's wrong with me. @_@

Anyways, here's the thing. I'd owez do my laundry on Friday, after work. Ogie maybe sometimes Saturday morning. Everytime I'm about to start hanging my clothes (yes, we use hangers), I tend to arrange them first, I mean the hangers. If it's on both sides or hung at random order or facing opposite ways, I'd move em to 1 side (it's like forming a line) till everything is aligned, then only I start hanging my clothes. And I rarely leave a gap in between clothes. The hangers had to be facing the same sides/way.

And I'd do this all the time. I don't know why. I just do. Same goes with the clips.

So, anyone else does this besides me? Or I am weird? @_@

Out of curiousity really *sweats.


  1. I don't see anything weird.
    I find this normal.

  2. arine: gewd to know, tina and my mum dun do that *sigh...

    perry: yay! XD i'm not weird

  3. i dont do that.
    but i think thats normal.
    but i do make sure that when i hang the clothes, they must be according to their category i.e. underwear, pants, tops, dress, shirts, t-shirts. ndak mau campur2.

  4. chegu: wah, by category? I don't do that, I mean coz underwear got separate place to hang XD kalau pants and shirts and stuff only use hanger XD

  5. Wow, you make me feel normal. Hihihihi.. :D I have a slight obsessive-complusive disorder where I make sure I have the same colors of hanger when I dry the clothes. And when I fold/hang my clothes in the cupboard, I make sure they are in the same color and length. Even the plants or photo frames on the table has to be balance in height and space!

    I think you're a neat freak! lol

  6. cin: I'm not a neat freak! but u are XD kekekekekke. OMG! I don't fold my clothes in same colors *roll eyes. Just the same size XD kekekekkee omg @_@

  7. I do the same as chegu category....ur normal la massy...even my mum jemur like dat...

  8. Amy: yay~! I'm normal. XD Cin we're normal kan XD kekekekekek. Just checking bah ni Amy to make sure my sanity XD

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  10. I don't know how to differentiate between neat and organized either. I think I am very neat, my friends all say so..but I don't think i am organized as I tend to mess things up usually!

    But my parents call me fussy, because I am TOO NEAT. so I start complaining and scolding people around the house when I see things that disorganized...????!! I also don't know. @@

  11. chien: LOL~ hahahaha then you're a neat freak XD

  12. i think that is normal @.@ cause i hang clothes that way, not at my home la, when i was in matrix. at my home, no need to use hanger except there are too many clothes to jemur lol.

  13. meia: hehehehe use hanger save space mar.

  14. I'd have to say that I'm a through and through cleanliness FREAK! LOL!

  15. OMG nick is scary, macam drill sergeant XD kakakakakakka