Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Birthday Dinner

We went to Garden Seafood Restaurant at Kepayan last nite to celebrate my dad's birthday. We met Abu Bakar Elah there with his family.

We got the VIP room coz it was kinda stuffy outside. Additional RM50 for the room. *hiks~ aircond~

Here are wut we ordered. I've raved about it already, here.

soup for dinner *cough

sayur manis with garlic

mushroom chicken omg tasty!

deep fried talapia. OMG tasty!

of these selection of fruit, i'll only take watermelon and honey dew. mas no likey pineapple and papayas

After dinner, we took out the cake given by my sis fan to my dad. O.O durian cake.

Notice how simple my post is today. Yes, coz I wanted to finish normal mode for picross today.


  1. Yummyyyyy~!!!! Luckily I'm kenyang oredi..

  2. Anonymous6:29 PM


    Oh the durian cake looks yummy!

  3. Oh man. Not good. Sudahlah memang aku lapar. :S

  4. syura: lucky for u XD

    cin: yeah the durian cake is yummy..well a bit too creamy for me...but imagine most of the cream my sis go eat omg~ scary

    acom: kekeke gomen~

    zaini: yes fewd! XD

  5. Anonymous10:15 AM

    see... i've told u garden seafood foods are good. i love their steamed fish... sedapppp. hehehe... i didn't know that we have to pay extra for the room. i just know how to eat. heheh... somemore places u go try mas, Wan Wan (odi told ya! Tomyam must try - blkg Damai Club)... Brass Monkey (i love the chocolate pudding)... mana lagi ah? nok thai dessert odi got in ur list kah mas??? the coconut milk with cendol hijau... melts down the rasa pedas of the tomyam soups... hmmm... great combination. claypots at grace point are good, but i saw how they cook odi... hmmm... u'll know what i mean when i said the sizzling doesn't sizzle. but i love the smell of their sugar... hehe. Ask them for sugar when u order tea. Taste the tea first before u mix the sugar, then taste again after u mix the sugar. Feel n smell the difference. heheh... i tok too much when i comment in ur blog massy... adeiii... me a food n drink tester... kekeke...