Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Rain and Brain Age 2

It has been raining for gawd knows how long already. I could recall waking up and go on to bed every now and then last nite becoz of the rain. Today no exception. It was raining heavily, even before I got home =_=" mas so scared. Scared couldn't go home after work, coz haf to drive self home uhuhu~ road not helping either, some flooded =_=" had to switch lanes every now and then *uhuk~

And it's foggy everywhere T_T mas "pha pha". Anyways, I didn't touch my ndsl properly for few days. I'm distracted. With wut? Er forum, anime, tv series I think la.

The other day, I let acing play Brain Age 2. Hahahaha his brain is 80 years old hahahahah. Ogie, no exception for me, my brain age was that the 1st time I played. This is why, one must read instruction first. Mas never read instruction properly hahahahah XD Anyways, I played another time today and my brain age got better. 47 years old hehehe. I can play once a day only. Since it's a daily training hehehe. I'm gonna make my brain younger XD weeeeeee

What's Brain Age? Click here.


  1. koh koh..mas mas..hujan pun ko takut kah? heh..err..wat wit brain age? lemme try first

  2. hahahahahah yah1!!! se takut ujan :P

  3. Ooh I like that game!

  4. Anonymous5:39 AM

    Looks interesting! Must try that one of these days! :D

  5. acom: wakkaka how old is ur brain? XD

    cin: kekeke yeah, it's fun,to enhance ur brain XD kekeke, but sometimes i lazy to play coz of the word scrabble thing...=_= i sucked at figuring the words XD

  6. Brain age 1, 20 edi. I started from 68. Then 2 weeks later jadi 20 he he. The number 2, I haven't started! Nanti balik ni, I'm going to culik Bibing's DS!