Monday, August 07, 2006

What I did last friday at work. *pftttttt. Bored~

the original photo taken from

the one i did with ps cs2 :D

Then, remember the noise? Well, the noise coming from this place. Behind our house. *sigh~ They got bad sense of music. Trust me, I know!

legal or illegal? hmmm

So, I was making the bed yesterday, and I bang-ed my leg to the side bed. Ouchie. >_<" It looks purple-ish~ now. Well, it's not that bad. No pain~ *hiks~

You should see the way my sis eats. Non-stop. Very creepy eh. She loves chocolate, luckily I am not a fan of chocolate. Well maybe thin dark chocolate with mint (*weak). She eats and watch naruto at the same time. Sometimes I wanna kick her so I can post my photos at dA. Heheh~ but I'm not such a mean person. *yeah rite :P

Today, start work at 8am to 5pm. *lame~ I reach office at 7:40am and waited for parking till 8:15am. >_<" I hate parking here. Gets on my nerves all the time. If only somebody can send me to work. So, I won't have to waste RM52.50 every month for parking and waste at least half an hour of my time waiting for parking lot. *sigh~ Ooooooo I had bread and scrambled eggs for breakfast. 2 piece of bread, hmm not enuff.

Blog again later. Wanna post some cute kitty photos. :D


  1. You ARE mean.... and people who don't like chocolates are WEIRDDDDDDDDD... thats prolly why your bed banged your leg :P

  2. *kicks lil one. am not mean la :P