Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Thoughts for today:

What I had yesterday for
  1. Brunch: 3 piece of bread and sardines.
  2. Dinner: Rice, vege (soup) and fish.
  3. And plenty of water.
What I had today for
  1. Breakfast: 2 piece of bread and fried eggs with lotsa pepper and tomato sauce. I dun like maggie punya chili sauce.
  2. Lunch: Rice, fried chicken with cucumber from Sugar Bun. *nyum~
Headache last nite. As usual when I have headache, my eyes felt like it's gonna come out. Took 2 pills of panadol actifast. Er..thought wanna sleep around 10pm. End up sleeping at 1am-ish coz was playing Diablo II with my bro and sis. Started at 9:30pm. *huargh~ Well at least my headache is gone.

Another sis wanted to borrow camera. Dun want! My batteries are screwed. >_<" She'll probably use another different kind of battery which I dun like. So, she said thank yew for your help? Ehhh~ she's trying to make me feel guilty. Yes I feel guilty but I dun want her spoiling my camera do we? Who told her to get a suckie camera? *sigh~ told her to get a better one. But did she listen? Noooo~ she didn't *pfttttt~


Bahhhh~~ who cares. I'm hungry!


  1. lol. we can tell you're hungry... half the post is about food!

  2. hahahahahhahahahhahaha