Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The "bitch" at work:

She loan money from everybody. I mean everybody including the loan shark. She was off yesterday (she dun have any leave, so why is she still taking leave and nobody seems to take any action? *sigh). Heard a lot of people calling looking for her. People here brought up the matter to our boss. He finally wrote a "warning letter" to her. So called "final warning letter". Yeah rite. I hope that gonna work. Or maybe it's gonna be like any other year. She take extra 1 month leave freely. So unfair.

Today, somebody came to the office. Look like loan shark. Coz the guy look very fierce to me. Well maybe la. I was looking at his head not his face. The guy was like standing at the door asking in Malay "Where's Su*****?!". And since I'm in my room minding my own business. Took a peek actually. My colleague told him that she haven't come yet. Few minutes after that, well she came. Wearing all pink. Ewww looking like Bienda. That singer. I mean the style la. Not the looks. Eww~ She's not as cute as her daughter ok. I mean bitch. Anyways, I still think she look weird. Geez~

Upcoming stories next. Hahhahaha since I got nothing to do. Might as well rite?


  1. Shes still there? thought you said she was gonna be kicked out when you posted ages ago...

  2. yeah she gonna but not yet. so sad right?