Monday, August 14, 2006

Anybody wondering where I was? For the past 3 days? *sigh~ sadly to say that my internet connection has been cut off. It's the wind and tree. My phone line *sigh~ If you get wut I mean. Anyways, even if I get to online. Maybe could only last for 30 minutes. After that, cut off again. *sigh~ So depressing. I can't do anything. Wanted to post so many things.

Part 1: My Birthday is on Friday
So, I turned 27 on 11th August 2006 (last friday). Old yet feel so young *hiks~. The great thing about this year is everyone's here! :D Yay~ Even dun get as much present but it's special hee~ :D We're suppose to do it around 8pm. But my bro only reach home about 9pm >_<" oh well. Here are my birthday photos. Enjoy! :D

my birthday cake. it is coffee flavoured with nuts. coffee ain't my thing and pink ain't my color. ooooh red table cloth >_<" (sorry people, i dun haf it already, finish hee~)

didn't use flash in this shot. edited part of my hair coz it looks way messy. why the messy hair you may ask? we were waiting for my brother to reach home. well, hair can't wait that long you know. though i gotta say, i love this shot! :D

making a wish. ok maybe few wishes hee~

why is everyone laffing you may ask? coz dad as usual said something funny hee~ oh lyne is not in this shot. she's the one taking the shot. no flash again. eeee should have use flash. *fst~ fst fst...lyne, a bit shakie~ heheheheh -_-"

cutting the cake. uhh~ face look a bit shiny dun u think?

ehem~ photo session. lyne loves that. hee~ "tina!! wut are you doing?" (look how she take photo? *smack smack)

the cake eater! hee~ she's enjoying it.

hehehehehe *rofl. look at her funny face "tina behave!" *rofl~

My presents: A brand new 17" BenQ LCD Monitor, emilystrange stuff from my 2nd sis, tons of wishes from friends and family, not forgetting something from rob-jr a.k.a. acing. So, of all the things I mentioned, I'll post the one from acing coz I dun have the shots of the other stuff with me now.

Some more sms wishes from my friends:
  1. Irwan: "happy birthday massy"
  2. Amy: "Hey mas. Didnt see u online la. Anyways just wanna wish u happy Bday. Have fun today!" <-- wuah amy..banyak oh ko wish se :D tq tq tq
  3. Ali: "Happy Birthday to You! May God Bless You with all the countless blessing and may U save me a piece of cake! *hugs*" <--- hahahah thank yew bro. Sorry bro, tina ate all the cake. Ko pigi marah sama dia mwahhahah :D
  4. Jonn Jay: "Happy Birthday!! Jan sombong2 ba..Ok la hav a happy & wonderful day may ur wish come true!!" <-- tq!
  5. From best fren, Aizam: "mase. happy 27th bday. may allah bless u. celebrate di mana? *toot~ (some msg are not gonna be displayed hahahahha)" <--- wakkaka tq :D
  6. Lissa Chin: "Alamak! happy belated b'day Mase..hehe..sorry, lupa plak." <--- thanks *smack
Part 2: Brunch on Saturday
We (everyone except my brother coz he's working) went out for lunch. But before that, we dropped my sis off at her work place. She was on duty that day. Well, after that, we went to Karamunsing to go eat japanese! Yay! Nyum. Hmmm izzit open? Yes!!! We're the first in and out hehe~. I think less people go there coz some think it's expensive? Errr...? Anyways, took some shots when we were there. Oh, btw, the Japanese Food Court or JFC is next to McDonalds ogie. Ground floor. While everyone bz browsing the menu. Oooo I pick wut I want oledi. I bz bz go take photo hee~ :D

the entrance, got menu inside oso ogie

i can't seem to pick anything else. i'm too attach to this one :D nizakana set *nyum~

salmon! wut dad had :D

wut mum had. umm chicken mix with egg?

tempura, wut my sis had

owww..this is christy. i think that's wut her name. we knew her since years ago. at the japanese restaurant. she's very friendly :D

All cost about less than RM100. hee~ After that, we went around for awhile. Ummm I'm interested in something but that something doesn't fit *sigh~ My sis bought a new skirt. Mum bought something too *cries! Why!? Oh well. Then, went to Bestmart at Kolombong. Umm, shop for grocerries only and that's about it. No fun coz cannot online! :(

Oh, went back home. I forgot to mention that mum bought Spicy Beef Foldover for me. Tasty! Shower my kittens. Aww they smell so great after shower. Oh actually did laundry on saturday. I think. Umm, backup and reformat Tina's computer and that's about it hee :D

Noted: Tina said she can beat my dynomite score. *rofl. She haven't yet hahahhahaha *evil~

Part 3: What's happened on Sunday?
Well, bro set up Diablo II - network, play~ yay~ hehehehe we play for hours. Tina, we gotta say she's slow coz she keeps on picking up stuff and sell it. *sigh~ hahahahah We had to tell her stop buying/selling hahahaha. Played till 11pm. Gonna continue on Monday. hee~

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