Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Where have I been?

I wanted to go online so badly! I wanted to take photos so badly! I wanted to blog so badly! There's so many things I wanted to do. *sigh~

F.Y.I people. I couldn't online for 5 days. I think it's 5 days? Or wait. A week!? I complained to TM Streamyx about my office line since Wednesday. It's pissing me off. At home also the same thing. *urgh. I can't take photo! :( My camera broken. I need a new one. Suggestions anybody? *thinks~

Guess wut I've been doing? I've been watching the whole episode of "Eureka Seven".

There's a total of 50 episode with English subtitle. Uhhh~~ I cried watching some part of it. It's a very nice anime~ I love it so much :D

After finish watching this one. I went to watch "Gun X Sword". Watched it till episode 16. I like it a lot. huhuhu~ I want more!!! Anybody got any anime intro me to watch. I lurve so much.

So, I went to a friend's wedding at Kota Belud last Sunday with mum, Junn and her brother (who is the driver). It's really fun! Since I've never seen "Bajau" wedding before. Though I gotta say I was sad coz I didn't take a lot of photos since my camera was broken. *sigh~ I need a new camera. Huhuhu~

Oh, I bought a new shoe for work since my shoe died on me. Cost RM44.90.

Thoughts: "I hope for something that is nothing" - this has been in my head for few days. Help me get it out! TQ >_<"


  1. hahaha TM Streamyx :P i have problem with them tooo.. same goes to ASTRO.. basket btul |-_-|#

  2. mmg basket tu..bikin panas