Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My everyday life.

Wake up around 6am, check computer, shower (getting ready for work), went downstairs, "tapau" breakfast (if there's any), say hi to kitty and clean their cage (sometimes if I have time, I feed em direct, if not, mum would help me feed em), off to work around 7:10am, look for parking, basically do nothing at work, maybe check dA page, friendster etc etc, off work at 5pm, drive back home, say hi to kitty and clean their cage, feed em, bring em out to play (if I could), shower, dinner while watching tv, play game or watch anime, then sleep around midnite.

Sounds pretty boring ain't it?

*yawns. I'm sleepy. I played Diablo II again last nite. I think I pulled my sis's blanket and she scold me or something like that? Can't remember hahahha. Oooo it's a holiday tomorrow. Merdeka! *hiks~ I'm on leave on Friday. Gosh! I hope telekom will fix our phone line soon. So boring. It's been a week already. *sigh~ >_<" sometimes I think government sector works very slow *sigh~ Oooo cleaner lady brought her daughter today. The daughter was sleeping in my room. Ogie, annoyed. Not coz she sleep there. I couldn't bother if ppl sleep in my room at work. I'll be doing my own shite. For all that matters. But the only thing that irritates me is the noise. The snoring. Sorry, I can't stand noise. >_<"

Oooohhh thank gawd, she went downstairs already. Yay! Peace at last! Umm, ogie, I think wut I've been doing is like I've been calling TM customer service again and again. Gawd, it's so getting on my nerves. Like they must have cut my internet connection intentionally. *sigh~

I complained about our internet connection at work for nearly a week. Thank gawd, the problem solved already. Our modem hang. Geez. I wonder how that happen. Then, another thing is my house line. My brother change the number already. That took 5 days to get it done. Now, we need those dumbarse to point the line to our streamyx. And guess wut they told me? They'll need 3-7 working days to do that. O me gawd!!!! *temperature rising. I guess earlier, I nearly lost it. I was indeed raising my voice already coz it's like they're kicking me here and there and not helping me solve the problem that they can solve. *urgh! TM Point at Tg. Aru <--- dumbarse. *sigh~ Me and my brother been calling for the same guy again and again but he'll be busy or he'll be somewhere else. And this lady who pick up the phone is such a dumbarse too. She's totally not answering my question. She's like asking me nonsense question which is totally not related with the problem. Ogie, wtf?! huh?

My brother gonna go to TM Point later. Since phone calls doesn't seem to work. Huh~! I hope this problem can be solve today. Coz seriously. Not being able to online for the past week is so frustrating. I wonder, I heard jaring gonna have broadband or already have. Maybe we should switch to that one? Hmmm..since TM suck arse. *sigh~

*breathe~ breathe breathe~~~ huh~~~~


  1. ROFL!!!

    remember, those are working days, merdeka and weekends dun count!

  2. *sigh bikin panas oh ni TM.

  3. hmmm i dont have anything to say to u la mas... the Tech.HD, cant help you much.. :P i know that.. all they can do basic troubleshoot. Check with your Sabah TM.

    the tech HD is in KL huhuhuuaa.. :P