Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I can't understand why some people owez think that they're so smart. Like if you're so smart, you could basically do anything. Sometimes smart people are dead stewped if you ask me. *sigh~

Some people juz dun explore wut a computer is. It's so frustrating to even teaching the basics of using a printer. Did anyone teach me to do all that? NO! I learn by myself! Gewdness. If you dun know, ask la!? Wut's so hard in asking? Too high ar ur ego? Common sense la. If you wanna print something, go ahead and print it. Asking me for a favour to print it and when there's smudges, I get blamed for helping? I was almost late for work and I had to help you to print and this is the thanks I get? *wtf?! Common give me a break! Never investigate, directly start accusing people for things people didn't do? WOT?! If you're tired, go to sleep early la. Nobody is stopping you from sleeping la. Waking up early oso a problem ah? It's not like I woke u up or something? *sigh~ She owez wanna win. Stubborn mule. I could be stubborn too u know. I could go non-stop if you want me too. But I'm juz too tired draining my energy for people who doesn't really get it. *sigh~

Get a life! Look at wut u're doing everyday! Goodness!!! *urgh~!


  1. hmmm... well... that wat i call SMART but ASSSS...or P.I.T.A

    on this i sokong u 100% mas... i back u up.. :).. die-die i sokong u

  2. wakkakakkaka tq tq justine :D *hug