Tuesday, August 01, 2006

People and their cars ¬_¬

Doesn't it bothers u when a car in front of u dun have break lights? *sigh. It happened today. I was so annoyed by it. *sigh~ If it's 1, then it's fine. But imagine having more than 5 cars with the same condition in front of you. One after the other. *breathe.

Thoughts: There suppose to be a staff meeting yesterday but I have no idea why did it cancelled. Or I do, which is becoz most of the staff aren't around. They owez do that. So, today, one of my colleague was like telling me that I'm the last person to reach the office. Eh? Wot? I dun think I was late by looking at the time. It's not even 8:30am yet. Huh? *wonder. Oh well, I thought we gonna start working at 8am till 5pm. *sigh~ laziness. But it's not confirm yet. If they're refering to that, fark I care if I were late. There's no memo. TQ very much. *hiks.

Was watching the news last nite and Malaysia Airlines gonna increase their fares to 15% for economy class. More? Read here...

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