Thursday, August 10, 2006

how i felt after that stewped remark

Screw It!

Well, I did a company profile presentation yesterday. Did some modifications and the boss wants me to control the presentation slides? Huh!? This is the blurness comes in. And getting a lil annoyed. I told my boss (another person, not that person who ask me to control the presentation) that I'm uncomfortable with it. So, there's this guy, I dunno who is he but he's one of the important person in my company (but fark I care) asking who I was. So my boss was like telling him who I was. Bla bla bla.

This fellow started to make stewped remarks about how serious my face looked. As a typical malay would say, something about not smiling is not gewd. Well, the way he said it is like a very sarcastic remark. And me being uncomfortable and uncontrollable with my feelings, said loudly that I'm not comfortable with all that. Obviously in a very uncomfortable room full of people who are way older than me. I dun think I could create a smile on my face. I'm a very direct person. My face shows exactly wut I feel. I should control my anger. But I got this weakness where I can't control my anger. Sure will have tears in my eyes (*fark!). So, I left the room. I'll be sitting in my room doing wut I know best. Screw it.

Call me stewped or anything. But that's how I am. I hate being a place with people I dunno. I get very annoyed and uncomfortable. Sour face. Yes coz obviously the person who were making those remarks look like a pervert to me. >_<" So, SCREW IT!

I keep so much bottled up inside, it's eating me alive.


  1. uhu... i so sorry bout this my fren.. it happen to me once a upon a time.. i got screw up by S.O.B.. 3 days later i quit...

  2. hhahhahahah hmmm..

  3. Well, sometimes its better to bottle things up for a time being... better than throwing something at him in front of your boss anyway :)

  4. *rofl hahahahhaha..true true..thank yew lil one *hug