Monday, August 21, 2006

I can't think straight rite now. Quite depressed coz I'm over budget this month and my digital camera is broken. *argh! so frustrated. I felt like dying. *lying on the floor, yes, people you can step on me, coz I give no shite rite now.

Anyways, sent my camera to panasonic service centre around Iramanis. Imagine me going alone? I would be totally lost and pissed. Ooo not forgetting the perfect "burning" weather. my gawd! Ooo it's gonna rain soon! I hope! Oooo and i pray so badly that my camera gonna be ok. To get me a new one? *die~! Even if I get bonus this month, I was planning to get a new handphone with a better photo quality ahhhhhh~~~~ why?! why this is happening to me?!! ogie, that's a bit too much. *breathe~

Lalalala..ogie, I found another scratch on my leg. Geez, must be my kitten. They must be angry that I didn't let them out that often. I'm sorry!!! I promise I'll let u guys out! I know how u hated being in the cage. Am really sorry. But I dun want to see you dead once I let you guys out. Hippo gets really excited. Hmph~

Oh btw, like everyone already know that "everyone's" so called "no. 1 singer" in malaysia is married to a man who is 20 years older than she is. No biggie there. Dun really bother. Wut bothers me is that my colleague at work actually brought along a tv to work juz to watch it live on tv. Like there is a repeat at 7:30pm. Common! It's like nobody is working and watching. Well, we dun normally have any work oso. So, fark it. I'll be enjoying most of my annoying hours listening to music or maybe tok shite about it with somebody else hahahaha...I am sick. I know! I'm depressed! I need camera!!!! :( *sobb sobb~

I sound pathetic. So screw you! :P

Life should be full of life and enjoyment! Ooo definately going there. I think~ Play game..or maybe I should go to bed early *yawns~ hehehe

Noted: I'm toking a whole lotsa crap rite now coz I'm totally not so much in my body rite now. So bare with me. TQ very much! :D Have a great day!

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