Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I gotta say, trying to fix internet connection ain't so easy for me. I did that so many times and still unsuccessful. I complained to TM a lot of times. *sigh. We still can't online. Ooo but there's a fun part, my sis told me that we could actually go online using bluetooth. So, yes, I'm currently using my dad's notebook and the connection. Though am very uncomfortable using a notebook coz am not used to type on hot small keyboard/keypads? or wutever u call that. I couldn't be bothered with this heat. And am typing in the dark rite now. I didn't do much browsing either since I dislike using Internet Explorer. I prefer using Netscape or Firefox. Way more convenient.
Geez, keep making typing errors and somehow I feel like I'm typing really slow. So, am trying to update my dad's antivirus software and installing new version of msn and ym. Weird thing is msn takes a very long time to download. I finish downloading ym and installing it now. Since it's holiday tomorrow, I won't be able to get TM technician to come and fix my internet line. Which I think is sad. Coz I won't be able to online 24 hours like I owez do.
Sometimes I wonder how izzit people get to write very nice stories about their life. I think if I start a story about my childhood, I'll be missing some chapters coz I dun have strong memory of certain event comparing to my sister. I could barely remember people's name. Well some not all. Obviously. But I'll certainly will remember mine? Well, maybe not when I'm really old? I seriously dun have any idea wut the hell I'm talking about rite now. I need some sleep. Ahhh I'm gonna wake up early again tomorrow. >_<"


  1. hahaha let me give an assignment :-

    "In your own words, please tell us your most memorable moment"


  2. rofl

    Or most embarassing moment

  3. hahahhahaha oh i could do those hahaha but i know lil one would totally use against me hahahahahaha