Sunday, September 03, 2006

>_<" I complained to TM so many times. *sigh. Still not fixed. I haven't online from here since 23rd August 2206. Stewped TM. >_<" hmph. So, I've been playing Diablo II again. Yesterday whole day, bro let us watch this japanese drama called H2. It's a story about baseball. Kinda nice. Ogie, but I do think the girl character, Haruka Koga is a bit too clumsy. U should see how she fall from the stairs. Funny shite. Oooo I only cried the part when Hikari's mum, Sakura died. Awww that's so sad. But my 2nd sis, being the cold person she is. Well I think she's a bit cold coz she dun cry. Well, seldom see her cry. So masculine hehahaha. Umm, anyways, my dad came back last nite. And I wanted to online then but I couldn't since the electricity was off again. Stewped SESB. Why can't they have error-free things? Urgh. So, my dad bought some shells and wanted me to take shots of it. So I did till my sis's camera run out of battery. >_<" erks! Ooo somehow I miss using my own camera. It's way better than hers. It's like her macro range ain't so great. Doesn't gimme the feel at all. It felt like a point and shoot kind of camera. >_<" I need my bonus for a new camera. *calculating. Hmmm, should be enuff. But hmmm I dunno. So, Justine asked me to write about my most memorable moments? Hhahahah I should write it properly before I post it. So, wait for it. :D till then, I'm gonna go around like crazy. Oooo I forgot to mention. Last Friday, I sent Tabby mu to the clinic. She was sick. Hehehehe. She can't sit properly in the car. Even we put her in a box. >_< But she's ok now, even when we got back, she was running like mad. Hmm must be the drugs. Oooo she got 2 injection from the doctor hahehaehae.

So everyone no worries. Erm. I gotta bring her for check on Monday. So, I'll be working half day on monday hehehe. I'll blog later. I'm quite distracted rite now. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee


  1. great to hear tabby doing ok liao... my dogs (angel & chelsea) has been fighting.. the faught on merdeka eve, which that time i wasnt home.. angel is still under probation or grounded (kena chained) till today...

  2. astagaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...adakah patut...i finally can online yay!