Friday, September 08, 2006

Am so sleepy rite now. Last nite went out grocerry shopping with mum, bro and sis. 4 of us. Won't wanna tell anyone how much we spent this time hahahaha, coz it'll sound a bit too much.

Bro bought pizza. Ate a slice. Played game with my brother. Tina couldn't play coz of her video card? or something. Can't remember. Anyways, she was playing Diablo II alone. Me and my bro was playing er, ogie wut was it again? It was this strategy game like "Age of Empire"? I sucked at it. Strategy games are juz not for me. I haven't finish building I get attack from my brother and I died. >_<" Ahhh, friday!!! 2 days to sleep!!! Ooo, er I didn't do nothing at work. Pika sent me her office layout. So, I exchanged mine with her. I won't show you hers but I'll juz show you my lousy drawing. Here.

sorry have to resize

This is juz the 4th floor. Lazy to draw 3rd floor, where is the research officer's room and the meeting room. Hee~~

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