Monday, September 11, 2006

Oh! Black Monday~

Working never seem interesting for me somehow. COZ THERE'S NOTHING TO DO. Ahhh, I mean working here. *yawns. Had 4 hours sleep only. We were playing Baldur's Gate II er multiplayer thinggie. Ahhh it wasn't so much fun coz only 1 person can do the talking. >_<" It used to be fun. Or did I get bored of it? Noooooooooo!!!!!

Thanks to my 2nd sis for waking me up. I thought I off my handphone alarm. >_<" oh shite. I nearly couldn't wake up for work *yawns. Ahhhh and stomach ache. This is for the junk I had last nite. Too many. Gawd, I feel sick rite now. Oooooooo I was halfway running to the office for toilet. Now am hungry. So very hungry. I felt like a zombie going to work today. O me gawd. *yawns. When they gonna gimme bonus!? I need a new camera. I had everything planned out. How much I'm gonna save, how much I'm gonna spend. Ho~!
Finally started watching Air Gear. Ahhh, it's a very kewl anime. Ogie, I love the character call Ume. O me gawd. She's so cute. Ogie, some part of it are way too weird and to pervert-ish~. Hahahaha, and it doesn't seem to make any sense hahahahha.

I know, I sound very boring rite now. So, I'll stop here.

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