Thursday, September 28, 2006

I couldn't play maple whole day yesterday. And I only get to this morning. Though, I was too sleepy to play *sigh. Anyways, as u can see, I've changed the header to a banner I designed. Well, nothing extreme, something simple.

So the day before, me and my bro was trying to make my 2nd sis play maple. My bro keep asking me to close her Diablo II, so I did and she was furious (over doing it dun u think?). Damn, that was really funny *rofl. But I got the punch on the hand. Tina! Why u so abusive?! >_<" Oh, yesterday at about 11:30am, my fren gave birth to a baby girl. Here's her photo.

oh look! she got the same kind of lips like raven *hee~ my fren gonna name her marionne evra rablin woo~ why the name owez gotta be so long? *blur blur

I forgot to mention that my pen and calender is missing. Who took it? No idea. I was looking at ppl's calender but couldn't seem to find mine. Which dumbarse took it?!

Well, I'll update more on that later. Now wut should I do? Damn I'm so sleepy.

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