Sunday, July 13, 2008

WoW Boardgame

We had our DnD 4th Ed char gen last Saturday at Kopicat, KAC. I'm an Eladrin Necro *cough cough. NO! I'm not a corpse!!! Started around 3pm, finished around 5pm. I went home before 6pm with 2 tapau, 1 for me and the other for my sis.

Uncle msg me on msn for a World of WarCraft (or better known as WoW) boargame session at Bryan's house. @_@ that's the most last minute plan ever! We were suppose to meet up at Eddie's (ngam ka nama ni tempat?) at Lintas around 8pm for dinner. I had my dinner. *blames uncle. Oh yeah, this place is facing the road, same row as Klinik Kissey. Here's what they had.

Fish and chips

Mix grill

Is this chicken chop ka? @_@ Sorry I forgot

Oh yeah and if you're curious to whether this place is halal or not? YES it is HALAL! XD

After dinner, we stop by Yoyo to get some drinks. Jasmine tea X3 I love.

Mind you, we're suppose to meet up at Bryan's around 8pm. But, I think we got there around nearly 10pm? Was it 10pm? I think it's 10pm. *rofl.

Max no. of players: 6

There are 16 heroes from 9 classes and 8 races to choose from (i.e. druid, shaman, fighter, paladin etc).

Here's some of the photos from that night.

event cards, spawn cards, dices and tokens

you need em dice rolls to attack/defend XD

Reason for staying awake?

chocolates are EBIL!!!! EBIL i tells j00

hands up

Since mas wasn't playing. Yes, I was observing. I took the time to arrange these tokens *cough cough. I'm not bored, no, I'm not a neat person, I just like em organized *giggles.

After few hours playing, the chairs are not needed *rofl Too excited that everyone want to stand instead. Lol

They played till 4:30am. The last round was to defeat the boss. Lord Kazzak. They died @_@ *rofl. I guess most of us were too sleepy to stay awake, hence the sucky dice rolls *rofl

I stayed coz I wanna observe. To conclude the whole observing process. I find this game interesting, compared to StarCraft. But time consuming. I think it'll be less time consuming if everyone gets it. Overall it's fun XD

Since I wanted to complete this post faster and I'm lacking on info, I'll let the expert explain mwahahhaha, I shall upload most of the other photos at my facebook account hehe. (*sloth)


  1. I've never played all these games ever in my life before, but macam syok only I see...

    And omg the food shots are making me so hungry!!

  2. charlene: u should play!!! boardgames are fun...well i used to not play but when i play i like it very much XD