Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cosplay Outing @ 1 Borneo

I nearly forgot all about this. Somehow I've been bz procrastinating.

Lemme start with how the day went. I followed my bro and we went off around 9:30am. We suppose to meet up around noon actually. But yeah we're early. Why? Coz of parking. Yeap, parking at 1 Borneo on a weekend is crazy! They'll close Gate A and C. You'll end up parking at 2nd floor or 4th floor or outside.

We didn't know that McD @ 1 Borneo don't have McD Breakfast aiyah~. I wanted to eat breakfast meals. But I went and order Prosperity Burger instead. The meal set cost (RM12.28+RM3.60 = RM15.88) @_@ so expensive. I know the double prosperity would sound more worth it, just add another RM7 but it's way too expensive.

It's worth every cent. But the curly fries too little la. I need more.

Went to the bank, the washroom and to the arcade for 2 rounds of Air Hockey. Erm, sux coz they didn't polish the table, barely can hit the puck. Then went to Daiso while waiting for everyone else to arrive. Jason came to collect his beanie. He had lunch at Apple Cafe. Well since we (my bro and me) already ate at McD, we can't eat anymore at that time. But I took some shots of his food and it looks delicious. Maybe I'll go there and try someday.

Another round of Air Hockey with Jason.

I think the outing sort of started around 1pm. OMG!

Not only that, we were walking in merry go round trying to find the Redbull Female Driver Search event LOL. Funny. There's tons of people and the place is crowded. You barely can feel the aircond. I guess that happens when the mall is filled with people huh? Oh yeah, there's lotsa event going on that day, KFC for kids, registration booth for New Year Party, Digi booths etc. There's some serious music mix going on that time.

Oh yeah met Ray and Gwen at the Redbull Registration counter. Oh and I met my eldest sis there too. She's the MC. I help her took some shots of her with her new friends.

ray and my sis

lol ray took this. I love this shot

Oh yeah and I got my share of Redbull drink (less sugar). My first impression. It taste like plum. After awhile, it taste like medicine @_@

Met Sakuya chan with Mastermune and Jack Jack at the entrance around 1pm.

We hang out at McD for lunch. I mean they had their lunch there. I was there to chill. Oh and I met Susan (Osindak) with her kids :) .

Some of the cosplayers.

cubex as abe takakazu

sakuya chan


Oh yeah, GG flannie carried 2 camera today. His canon and mamiya @_@ damn heavy!

Anyways, we went to the arcade to play air hockey again. Some went to play taiko no tatsujin.

We went to Daiso again. Then sit and hang out at the nearby cafe.

Not forgetting Mastermune brought along some butter cookies.

ADVERTISEMENT: These are for sale!!! Oh but I don't know how much it cost. His shop is at ground floor of Kompleks Asia City btw. Anyone interested? Drop me a message *giggles. My favorite is the heart shape cookies XD I rike~

In the end, I didn't get a lot of shots and I forgot to take group photo @_@. I guess I was too tired. I mean very tired. I went home around 6pm. Thanks to acom for sending me home.

More photos from outing, here.

Oh yeah, last but not least, I went to Japanese Dream Food at Centre Point last Friday and went to try the takoyaki there. My brother recommended it. It is indeed taste better. I mean it's an actual tako ball. Not empty in any part of the tako ball. What makes it tasty is the dried shrimp included in the ingredients till you sort of forgot the amount of tako that actually inside of it. LOL. Oh and this one no wasabe sauce. Only BBQ sauce and mayo. For RM5 per 4 pcs.

That's all folks. Thanks!


  1. love to get me a burger, double prosperity is one of them hehehe. :)

  2. greg: gawd, the pricing is really crazy man

  3. I'm boycotting the burger cos it's just too darn expensive for me!

  4. Nick: but it's tastye XD

  5. Anonymous3:30 AM

    general speaking, 1borneo is a great destination. should be proud of sabahan.

    nice to visit u blog.

  6. sabahan: it is coz it's near my house ahhahah XD

  7. salam kenal .. =) singgah2 la blog Siong ek... thanks!

  8. Siong: oh hi thanks for dropping by

  9. I ate the double prosperity burger. Loved it. But swear I wont eat the rest of the day after dat coz the meal is quite BIG! Kenyang gila!

  10. where is butter cookies shop? u said in grd floor KAC...apa nama kedai? :)

  11. Anonymous1:38 PM

    telan liur sajalah kami di Tawau ni.. teda McD hehehe

  12. fara: yah!!! sangat, even 1 lapis se sudah kenyang tapi bidak oh kan tu curly fries thinggie sikit oh

    amy: i'll buzz u, i know the location but i forgot the name XD

    maya: alah i'm sorry @_@ xpa, come to kk XD

  13. massy: Better get Burger King burger coz KFC, mcD, totally sux. Not forgetting sugarbun the worst burger ever.

    maya: wehh dulu ada Burger King di tawau tapi ramai ndak pigi makan sana pasal ada jeruk tulah drg beli sugarbun pastu kena kasi buruk2 burger king oleh some wankers cakap burger king guna minyak wogok...hahahahaha and ramai org tawau makan sugarbun tanpa tahu sugarbun paling rendah gred dari burger tepi jalan...

  14. One more...if anyone want a chocolate cake, you can order from me only RM35