Sunday, February 28, 2010

Food Bazaar with Sabahan Blogging Friends

I just came back from a gathering of over 20 people.  Some that I know from other bloggers gathering, some first time meet and some that I don't know about.  But, before I get to that, I should go wash up.  My face is so oily that it could use for frying stuff.

Ahhh, midnight shower sure is refreshing ;)

First of all, I'd like to thank the organizers for inviting me.  I nearly didn't go coz I was too paranoid that I would lost my way there.  But thank gawd, I got gewd friends (dori for taking me there and Uncle Greg for taking me out from there) to guide me there.

*distracted.  Or I'll finish up with Ep 16 of korean drama called Pasta first XD hehe.  More like I slept at 2am from watching misc drama.

There's a power cut in between 2am to 8am.  Not sure when.  A friend's sms woke me up.

Anyways back what I'm suppose to talk about.  Were there at 7pm.  The road was too dark.  Where's all the street lights?  I know for a fact that if I go there myself, I'd get lost, definitely not safe to go alone at night (for me that is) LOL.  Lets skip all the crazy thoughts I had when I was following behind dori's car on the way there.


The view from the pool.  The time we were there, it was so hot and it was dark.  No wind.  The whole sweating felt like when I was "jogging" but I'm not actually.

We were chatting and didn't realize that chegu and Alvin arrive and were sitting at the Food Bazaar area.  Hehehe, I can't see clearly coz it was dark and I think I need to increase power to my glasses.
They have a selection of dim sum, fried noodles, burgers, chicken rice, fruits, drinks and etc at the food bazaar.  But first, you'll have to purchase a book of RM10 coupon (which consist of RM1 and RM2) to get your food and drinks.


I don't think you can refund it, so you'll just have to finish it.  

Everyone seem to be ordering Char Kuey Teow, I went and got myself Mee Basah (well since I didn't wanna eat rice).  It's a long queue coz there's only 1 cook XD


Here's what I had.


Cincau drink at RM2.  And I had coconut drink at RM3 (RM1 fall from sky).

And Mee Basah.

A very quick "orientation" session or I should say a very brief introduction from Dan.  Well since I don't know half of the people there.  Sorry for the lack of interaction.  I'm shy *blush.  I type more than I talk XD

Guava, I leech from dori.

It was a LONG table.  It was fun!  Except I think that it were more like a photographer's gathering than a blogger's gathering LOL.  


Yay, finally a photo with Olie and Kuai.

More photos, here.  

And group photo.  Photo courtesy of Uncle Greg.


More photos from him, here.

We proceed to the pool area for some drinks.  I went off I think around 11pm.  Sweet gathering! XD Lets do it again.
I wanna go back to that place during the day XD But not today.  It's uber hot.  I dun wanna turn out as roasted chicken.  Talking about roasted chicken, I'm gonna go eat ramen with kfc now hohohoh.

P/S:  This is the problem when you blog straight after you woke up, nothing comes out the way you wanted and it's more fingers job than the mind.


  1. It was great to meet up with you again. :-)

  2. haha, Mas finally we get to meet up kan, terlampau kesiukan sampai lupa gambar apa yang patut hehehe

  3. Massy...we dont have any picture together! :D

  4. Looks like a great gathering. Too bad panas-panas pun you guys couldn't jump into the pool...

  5. @Dan: nice to meet you too ;) lets do this again.

    @Uncle Greg: Yes, very happy to meet you. And thanks so much for guiding me on the way out XD

    @chegu: OMG @_@ yakan >.< next time! we must take photo.

    @Perry: yeah, it was fun, eventhough I dun talk much :) Dan was nice enuff to check on everybody XD ahhahaha

  6. nice meeting u..well, we havent been properly introduced...hehe...y2
    next time we must shake2 hand and huggy2 hehe

  7. food bazaar, reminds me of the days back in uni. they always have bazaars but i dont eat there wan.. haha.. =P

  8. @kenwooi: I had those during college too. I'd be selling donuts from Dunkin Donuts with my friends XD