Saturday, October 06, 2012

Mount Kinabalu Climb 2012

Super long post.

I have always wanted to do this at least once in my life.  But I always postponed it cause I'm afraid of heights.  Like the thought of climbing/hiking/looking down at high places sends me to a weird place.  I'm scared of falling.  I don't trust anything and everything.  Had an early planned one this year, and got myself the courage to do it!  Finally!  Actually the motivation came when this friend of mine, Blek said he's joining.  HAHAHHAHA it's like if he can do it, I can, but in the end he cancelled to join International Climbathon on 13th October.  I think this plan didn't go as smooth also cause misunderstanding got me cancelled once and I got back in.  I have this 6 months training schedule for my November Penang marathon and manage to slot in some mebbe I don't know 3 times hiking before the actual climb date which was on 2nd till 4th October? I'll get to that soonish.  So I guess, u can say I'm pretty much prepared, not well prepared but prepared enough to do it.

Had some last minute shopping, yeah I guess the thought of it still freaks me out a bit but whatever I was feeling then, I'm just gonna do it no matter what.

Got my gears ready and here we go.

Day 1 - 2nd Oct 2012

Meet up point at Sacret Heart, 2pm.  Arrived early, thought I might be the earliest one there but I was wrong.  Pjal and Rendy beat me to it! Oh darn it!

So I heard there's around 20 people joining this trip.  There's some last minute cancellation and some decided to drive themselves there.  There were 14 people in this group for the transport from meet up point to our homestay.  While waiting for the others to arrive, Rendy fed us with chocolates and popcorn.

I was informed that the van that we rented can fit 9 people comfortably, so I was wondering how issit gonna fit 14 people since there will be 1 van.  Well guess what?  It fits, like sardine but yeah, including the driver, 15 people with their backpacks on their lap for a 2 hour drive from KK to Kundasang.  Waw.  Okay.jpg.  Luckily for me though, my backpack was with Dan hehe.  So I was sitting comfortably well except that I was sweating like madness all the way there lol.

We'll be staying here for the night.  Bundu Tuhan Retreat Centre.  This place looks nice.  There's kitchen where u can cook meals.  Shared a room with 3 other girls.  I got the top bunk which is not to my liking but what to do.  Bad falling experience when I was younger lol.  But I manage, it's just for 1 night, I can survive!

Noob facts:  That's the first time I saw gas water heater.  I forgot to take photo, sorry lol.  But seriously.  I think it took me awhile to digest.

It's the nicest feeling when just arrive there cause it's windy.  All my sweat is gone now yay~

Photo by Pjal

What I was wearing.  Friends ask me if I feel cold.  I said "If it's not aircond level, that's not cold".  So, I was wearing like this till night time and it got really cold because of the rain.  Neways, so we were hanging out while half of the group prepare dinner.  I get to get to know some people from the group.  I is shy.  But most of the time I was hanging out with 3 guys lol.

Photo by Rendy

We were a bit bored and hungry, went to grab some snacks while wait for dinner.


I think we had dinner around 7pm?  We were sitting in the kitchen guarding the food in the dark cause the lights were out.

Finally, dinner! For 14 people?

Showered and went to bed at around 9pm.

Day 2 - 3rd Oct 2012

Didn't quite get a good night sleep the night before because of the number of dogs barking and howling.  Oh gawd why?!  And I was sleeping facing the window, should have pulled the curtain lol.  That eerie feeling orz.

Good morning mountain.

Woke up by 5am to prepare breakfast for everyone.  What happen to the other people who're suppose to help prepare breakfast?  End up, me and 3 guys prepare em.  We have bread, scrambled eggs, cheese, sausages, sardine and some leftover fried noodles.  Could have brought some better stuff to prepare if I know there's stuff I can use there.

Set off to Kinabalu Park around 6:30am.  Well sort of, slightly later I think.

Me and the guys.  First timer me and Pjal.

Grabbing stuff from there then set off to Mesilau Trail.  We need em tags.

Some of the people from my group.  Total 20 people.  Those bags are our lunch.  Imagine 7 cameras taking the same shot with different pose.  LOL!  Pity the driver.

Arrived at Summit Trail (Mesilau), went to the toilet and start hiking up at around 9am-ish.  Some of us came without a walking stick.  Thought they still have the kewl "gandalf" stick for RM3 but they don't have it anymore.  So we have broom stick that sells for RM7 or you can rent the proper walking stick for RM10.  They sell it for RM30++ fuuuuuu~ you know you could get that below RM20 around KK? *flips table.  I'm regretting not getting it.  It's okay.  I'll grab it soon and keep it for future.

Right photo by Rendy

There's a weighing scale there  I refuse to weigh my bag!  But my friend's bag were around 8-10kg.  I'm guessing mine is slightly lighter than theirs but pretty much there.


Blend in with nature :)

First few km, stop to take photo of the marker, after awhile just hike all the way.  The trail is not a straight road, you go up and go down, definitely make me work my thigh muscle.  We got separated with the pack but manage to catch up.  Pjal was having a hard time going up, needs to build up his stamina.  It's okay, do it slow and steady, as long as you breathe, you'll be fine.  :)

After awhile, Dan offered to help me carry my sling bag.  Cause my backpack were straining my left shoulder.  I need a better backpack that support my back hee.  Rendy went ahead and I tried to be supportive and stayed with Pjal and Dan till I decided to move on ahead and look for Rendy cause I scared I might fall back and arrive later.  Dan stayed with Pjal and tried to push him to keep moving.  You can do it Pjal!

I was passing some of my group members and tried to find Rendy.  I think halfway, I was hiking alone and that freaked me out a bit.  Thank god, Rendy was blowing the whistle.  That was a relief.  And I manage to find him after awhile.

Photo by Rendy

By the time we reach 4km.  Rendy was helping me take photo with his camera.  Cause mine was with Dan.  :)

Photo by Rendy

Photo by Rendy

I forgot what time was that but it's getting colder.  Time to suit up with windbreaker!

Photo by Rendy

This trail is scary!  Strong wind is strong!  I was scared that I might get blown away hahahah.  I actually got pushed a bit.  Oh god!  I was also worried for 2 of my friends but I know they'll be fine, just hope Dan catch up soon.

Photo by Rendy

Me, taking my sweet time lol!  I stop every now and then to let the strong wind blow then move forward once it slows down.  At some part of the trail, felt like the rocks were too high that I had to get Rendy's help to pull me up hee.  Thanks bro.  He was telling me which path to take and how to do it.  But I keep doing the same thing cause I think it's the safer way.  Sure, it's safe, but it doesn't help the thigh pain orz.

A little bit more.  And it rains.  God! So cold.  My watch were showing signs of dying already.  But it lasted for almost 7 hours at around 3pm-ish.  If I'm not mistaken I reach Laban Rata around 5pm-ish?  Vague memory is vague.

Getting up to Laban Rata for dinner.  Dan manage to catch up.  But Pjal was still behind.  Hope he gets there soon.

Dinner was delicious.  I had more than 3 cups of tea.  Will be staying at Gunting Lagadan for the night.  Too late to shower.  No signs of Pjal arriving yet.  A bit worried.  After dinner, got em headlight ready and went up to Gunting Lagadan which is around 200m up.  Shared room for 4 person.  Brushed my teeth, washed my face with ice cold water.  Charged both mine and Dan's watch.  It's past 7pm and Dan's sis informed me that Pjal fell.  I swear I was shocked to hear that.  The guide helped him and got him to Waras Hut.

We had packed dinner for him and both Dan and Rendy went down to Waras Hut to send him food and drinks.  The lights will be out around 9pm so I went straight to bed after I suited up with my sweater, legging with a layer of track suit, socks and gloves.  Have to wake up at 1am.  It was hard to sleep cause it's so cold.  All those thick clothing doesn't help at all.  We have 2 layers of blanket omg not enough orz.  My thighs were in pain, I was sleeping bending my legs, bad idea.  So I straighten it, felt slightly better but omg pain.

My phone showing signs of dying.  I checked my watch around 10:30pm and it's still not done.  Tried to sleep till slightly before 1am, I decided to wake up.  And turned on the lights to wake the others.  Brushed teeth and wash face again.  That makes 2 days of not showering hahahha oh shi-

Day 3 - 4th Oct 2012

The guys told me that I might get a slight headache from waking up but nope. No headache.  Hee, guess I'm lucky.  Thighs still pain but somehow it went away.  Little that I know.  I went up with adidas kampung!  Better gripping shoe but no cushion shoe is pain.

Oh yeah, one of my roomie, she was wearing 4 layers of tracksuit.  Damn, she come prepared! Well prepared.

Once ready, went down for supper with Dan and Rendy.

YUNO pasta?

Btw, we had bread and egg.

Photos by Rendy

That time when you hand Carmex cherry lipbalm for the guys hee.  It works better than Vaseline.  It cost more too lol.

Wear raincoat just in case.  It's 3am already, so lets go!  Started my watch but I think my glove were pressing on it till it stopped orz.  Did not record that 2.5km hike to the Summit.  I hope Dan did.  Cause his battery was out when came down.  Garmin.  YUNO last longer?  Need to find watch that last more than 10 hours RAWR!  Anybody?  Suggestions?  Ohh, I was checking on Suunto recently but there were so many to choose from that I got a bit lost.  Neways back to hiking up to the Summit.

3 of us decided to stick together.  We'll stop for a breather if anyone of us needs it.  Oh yeah, did I mention, Dan was carrying my camera and water bottle :)

Cold and windy!

Reached Sayap-Sayap check point.  Show your tag!  To get certificate.  There's 4 types.  There's a black and white one which is a souvenir certificate cost RM1.  If you get to the check point from Mesilau Trail you'll get the colored one for RM2 and another one if you reach the Summit, it'll be that RM10 certificate woohoo! Lets go!

Dan was holding my hand most of the way up cause I'm scared I might fall.  Some part I manage on my own but most of the time, I would rather have something to hold on.  There's this part where you have to climb up ropes.  I went FUuuuuuuuuuuuu cause I'm not sure if I can do it.  There where people who went up halfway and decided to come down.  FUuuuu that did not help.

Can you see me now?

This was the video Rendy took at around 5:47am.  Me and Dan in front.

I couldn't use my face mask cause it'll make my spectacle foggy.  Runny nose all the way.  I wipe it off with my glove hahahahah.

Almost sunrise.

Taking off your glove at this time is a bad idea.  It's super duper cold.

The videos Rendy took on the way up to the Peak.

Can you hear the wind?

By 6am reach Low's Peak! Woohoo!  Yes, I'm still freaking out with the height, I did not look down, went up take photo and immediately went down hahaha shi-

Time to go down, the sun is rising and it's getting colder, we went down.  In other words I was sliding down any way I can or just grab the rope.  Remember the part I had to climb up with the rope, going down I went to this disbelief mode.  Heck! It doesn't look the same lol.  That moment I learned that going up with ropes is easier than going down.  Shi-

Rendy went faster than us and took more photos.  Dan had to wait for me cause I don't trust myself with rocks.  Reached Laban Rata around 9:30am, packed my bags and check out from the room, okay, I left my stick in there and the door jammed when I tried to unlock it orz.  The staff there were nice enough to gimme a replacement stick they have there.

Went for breakfast and meet up with Pjal.

Found out what actually happened to him.  He was 400m away from Laban Rata and that was around 7pm, he fell back and hurt his back.  Lucky his backpack saved his head from hitting the rock.  He lost his camera in the process though :(

Breakfast.  Had tea and some drinks.  Eating was hard.  No appetite.  And I'm starting to get headache from my cold beanie.

I tried to stuff what I can.  My throat and lips were dry.  Sore throat ah!!!

Went down to Waras Hut to pick up Pjal's stuff.  It was 11am.

We're going down to Timpohon Gate.  Stairs and rocks all the way.  By this time.  My thighs were in so much pain, I think everytime I tried to bend my knee I twitch.  And going down requires a lot of breaking, it hurts my toes.  It was challenging.

I had snicker's bar slightly past noon and couldn't finish it cause my throat were so dry and it's hurting my throat more eventhough I was hungry.  So, I had more water but it helped for a moment only.  You know that moment when you feel so tired and hungry that everything you do is tiring.  Fatigue.  I gotta apologize to Dan for putting up with my tantrums going down.  I was complaining all the way down hee.  But this trail is not cold and windy.  It's starting to get warm!  Like seriously warm.  Darn it!  Should have wore shorts instead.

We're almost there.

Arrived at slightly before 4pm.  Thanks Dan for helping me with my bags, I know his shoulders were paining already.  I feel guilty making him carry my bag but I was in so much pain waist down.  I was using 2 walking stick to go down.  Damn those yaomeng stairs!  YU so high.  My legs is not long ok!  *sigh.

Pjal arrived few minutes after us.  Rendy and another dood, you guys damn MUTANT!  They arrived around 1pm-ish.  Dafuq mode.  Hungry!  My stomach was growling all the way down lol.

Checked my foot condition.  It's just slightly swollen.  Was expecting to eat when I reach there but we end up waiting for the others till past 6pm.  Reaching cranky mode.  Don't mess with the hungry people!

Mum ask me why so late.  We had to wait for slowpokers!  RAGE!  I estimated to arrive KK around 7pm but I guess I was wrong.

Collected dinner but no appetite, my stomach was too gassy that I feel like vomiting.  We left Kinabalu Park slightly before 7:30pm.  I was sighing cause the cold wind is not helping the pain.  Body was straining all over and I'm showing signs of breaking down.  Tried to remain calm but me sustaining it is impossible.  I had actifast and a bottle of water and nap all the way back.

Got my certificate.  Achievement unlocked.

Surprisingly my phone battery survive on 16% still can sms.

I told the guys to get down first cause I was having a hard time to stand.  When I manage, I grab all my stuff and went to the car.  I was in a really bad mood.  I think that whole thing helped with the pain cause I was so angry that I did not feel anything.  Till I got into the car I started to feel it again.

I know my dad usually sleeps early but guess he's not cause he'll be picking me up at 9pm at Sacret Heart.  I do not like to do that.  Got me even more cranky.  I guess I wasn't the only one who did not eat dinner.  Dad was gonna get me KFC but I didn't wanna eat.  The thing about me, when I'm in a really bad mood, I don't eat.  I'll be on my hunger strike.  Yes, it's a bad habit but that how it usually happens.

I like to apologize to my friends for acting that way.  Sorry, deep down, I'm really sorry.

Reached home, talked to my sis and mum.  Warm shower and went to bed at 1am.  As tired as I am, I can't be in front of the pc hahahaha.  I'll totally forget about everything else.

Woke up at 6am and went to work.  Woohoo!  Surprisingly with all that thigh pain and numb toes, I still can drive to work.  And still taking the stairs hahaha.  Yayface.jpg  What did I get myself into?  Good pain endurance?  Marathon training is good hee.

Overall, excluding that waiting part is a whole lot of fun.  If there were another trip up, I would wanna do it faster and better!  Preferably on my own effort!  Eventhough I love that whole friend supporting thing but I feel bad for troubling others.  I learned a lot of new stuff, met a lot of people.  And the scenery up there is AWESOME!  Best feeling ever when you conquered your fears.  Well not entirely cause I'm still scared of heights, but I DID IT!

Thanks for the organizers for planning the trip.  Sorry for all the trouble :)  And to my friends, Daniel, Rendy and Pjal, best company EVER! I had a blast!

Come on! MORE CSPIAN together gether go up! XD

Next in line, Penang Bridge International Marathon 2012 in November.  42km FTW!

P/S: I hope I did not miss out anything here lol.  But this got me love blogging again hee.


  1. Congratulations!!! Your raincoat is sho cute!..and looking at the video, i have forgotten to post up the video i asked my bro to record during my last climb...mana sudah tu ah...hhaha

    1. Chegu: cute kan! Saya paling excited dengan raincoat se hehehe. I got it from 100 yen shop lagi tu hehe

  2. Cool!


    1. Yes, it was fun, plan to do it again next year weeeeeeeee ;)

  3. Wah! Lagi sekali? Harcore!

    We are planning to visit KK next year. In early May. *hint hint*

  4. what a great story. I personally love trips cause they give you new experiences plus they open your spirit to new things in life.

    1. Yes, thanks for dropping by.

      It's an awesome experience. It comes to show when you have the determination and motivation, anything can happen. I'm still excited for this trip.

  5. I love this post! Long and detailed and sangat 'menyemarakkan' semangat saya untuk climb Gunung Kinabalu lagi. Last time was.... haish... long taim ago la. And I remember I said I don wan to climb anymore, LOL! Tapi dunno bila la buli pigi ni. Mo kasi ngam2 timing bila sy balik kampung kali tapi mo ada geng ba kan baru syiok. :)

    Love the video. Sweet ;) Finally get to hear your voice :)

    1. We're climbing again next year, probably mid year somewhere around May or June kali ni. Via Timpohon, this was via Mesilau. Best gila! XD

      Excited ni. Neways, lol suara se macam suara budaks kan adui. Bidak oh se rasa suara se time mulut se numb lol kesejukan XD