Wednesday, July 11, 2018

[Events] Milo Breakfast Day Run 2018

I don't usually register for a race/run till the very last minute but this is one of many last minute run that I've registered (okay, that includes TMBT coz I registered before closing date).  

For this one though, I'd registered 3 weeks before (just coz I saw the "bunting" along the road near my house and couldn't resist).  A way to kick start my running haha okay not really but you get what I mean.  Thankfully, they still have shirts my size (size cumil). 

Registration fee was RM30 (and it's cheaper if you registered in a group), you'll get an event tee, a running bib, the medal (given you finish the run/walk) and goodie bags after the run.  It's not a competition guys! (bilang si Cassie).

Apparently, Milo Run is not something new.  It is an annual event and has been around since 2013.  First time for me though, I wonder why I did not register any before.  Glad I did this year.  According to the website, the mission of driving the importance of breakfast as an essential source of energy to take on the day.  I also found out that RM5 of the registration fee goes to charity (correct me if am wrong).

Spot that tent you non runners!
Also, if you missed out on the preregistration, which are totally full for most of the other location (they've covered Kuching and recently Kota Kinabalu, heading to Kuantan, Pulau Pinang, Johor Bharu, Kota Bharu and Putrajaya it seems), you could register at the non runners booth during event day.  Don't worry, you'll also get to enjoy free breakfast, free flow of milo drink and milo breakfast cereal.

And don't forget to hashtag #jomaktif #MBD2018 and #aktifnegaraku (also have chance to win prizes for this).

A lot of fun activities on the day.  Dance performance, zumba, games and etc.

Event day:

And here I thought the run starts at 6am.  I was there early.  Like before 5:30am and the run only starts at around 6:40am.  Friend told me it started around 7am last year? 

Me looking grumpy in the morning (actually I was still sick and my legs were tired from 20km the day before)

Estimated 2500 participants.  The mug went too far.  Come back!

Where I normally like to start, front pack.

Where I somewhat left my sis behind coz she couldn't keep up

For Kota Kinabalu, it covered almost 3km, starting from Padang Merdeka, you make your way to the Bunga Raya roundabout, make a u-turn and return to Padang Merdeka where you end your run at the "Kawasan Singgahan Atlet" where you'll get your medal and goodie bag.

That was one short recovery run.  I spotted a mural on my way back to Padang Merdeka, gosh I wanna go back and snap that, one of these days.  Looks new too.

What I get at the finishing line.  Goodie bags, bananas and drinking water yay!

Look at this awesome medal which is also a fridge magnet. 

Got my free breakfast at the tent, a choice of fried meehoon or tuna sandwich, an apple and drinking water.

Free flow of super cold milo drink yahoo!

Also milo breakfast cereals.

The event ended at 10am with tons of lucky draws and giveaways.  You just have to take part, I think after awhile the long to each games got so long.

Didn't realize the toilet was here lol.

Fun activities, props for photo taking and with friends :)


Aiya, I forgot to take photo at the podium prop.

Not forgetting photos with Cassie (one of the MC for the day) and my sis. 

Overall, it was a fun event.  Would love to join again next year (hopefully I remember to register).  Thanks Milo Malaysia! :)

More info. Milo official website

Thanks for reading.


  1. The medal is definitely cute!

    But the Putrajaya edition, definitely cannot register last minute like you did. Laku habis!

    1. Kikiki yaaaa. I saw all sold out. Next year will definitely keep an eye early. Siuk eh. You going to Putrajaya punya?

    2. Yes. But on Saturday punya. Ahad mau lari Hotwheels Run :)

    3. Wow siok. Sangat aktif.