Tuesday, March 10, 2020

[Food] Grand Opening of the freshly refurbished Camaca outlet at Jalan Dewan, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

This Taiwan based dessert shop founded by a Traditional Chinese Medicine professor recently had a face lift and reopened the Jalan Dewan branch (located near the KK Community Hall).  The Imago Shopping Mall branch has closed down.  

Coffee and cookies for sale

Cookies :)

The story behind how CAMACA started was so interesting about how a mother creates healthy desserts for the family, you can read about it at their Facebook page, here.  They are the sugar free specialist to put it into words.  Quality products without preservative, coloring, flavoring and sugar.

They are currently having a promo for sugar free gelato at RM12 ONLY (Normal Price: RM15.90).  Offer ends 13th March 2020.  On top of that, with purchase of RM30 and above, you will receive a FREE brownie.  These gelato comes in many flavors: Musang King (RM29.90), Kinabalu Coconut, Blueberry Yogurt, Dark Chocolate, Japanese Brown Rice Tea, Sabah Tea, Fantasy Vanilla, Kyoto Matcha and Tiramisu.

Macaroon looking capsule, so cute

Friendly and helpful.  You can get infos about the coffee easily at the shelf and the staff will assist you.

I have tried Dark Chocolate, Japanese Brown Rice Tea, Kyoto Matcha and Tiramisu.  I can definitely say you cannot go wrong with Dark Chocolate yumss, so good.  Japanese Brown Rice Tea was surprisingly good.  These 2 are my favorite flavors for now till I try the other flavors, soon I hope.  I got so distracted with Dark Chocolate that I missed out Sabah Tea, my bad.

The Gelato is filled in a capsule to keep it fresh and clean.  No scooping.

Once you choose your flavor, the staff will set to the machine and let it squeeze out freshly in the form of soft serve ice cream with waffles. 

FREE with RM30 above purchase.

That's not all!

CAMACA is having a GRAND OPENING for the reopening this weekend, 14th to 15th March 2020 and will be having a 50% OFF on all gelato!  Yeap!  I kid you not, this is REAL!  Like, Snap and Tag for a FREE CAMACA Brownie!

Stand a chance for a Lucky Draw with purchase of RM30.  Exciting prizes awaits! 

See you this weekend!  DON'T MISS OUT!

Coffee selection at RM9.90 above.


In house beans
I also had the chance to finally try their coffee.  Fragrant and has a bitter taste to it, the way I love my coffee.  2 ways to brew the coffee brings out different taste.  Ahhh, I really wanted to try their chocolate coz lotsa people been telling me about how good it taste.  Swiss chocolates is da bomb!
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  1. ala best, boleh lepak.

    1. Yesssss, pigi weekend 50% off 🤭🤭🤭 sedappp tu gelato.