Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Twisted Ankle

Not running for a week really gets on my nerves. No, I'm not an addict, I just feel bored and fat at the same time that it's making me depress (in a way of putting it), so after that whole testimonial from Nex and Rendy last Monday about this sinsang at Likas, I decided to go this morning. Lets get this whole ankle thing over with. Well since I've been resting it and it's still not fully healed yet. I tried ice, hot water and put balm on my ankle and even convinced myself that it's healed.

Was suppose to go with Nex but I didn't wanted to wait so decided to ask my mum to send me there, dad sent me instead. Thanks Nex for the number and map.

The location. Surprisingly it's not on the map. But roughly according to this map I linked, it's located at the Lorong Parak. There's a signboard next to the house, so don't worry about not being able to find it. I think the signboard is "Traditional Chinese Herb" with handphone number.

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There was a kid with his dad from Tamparuli came before me. He fractured his hand from falling from the bed in hostel. Seriously? I fell from that height before, I dun remember breaking anything though. Anyways, back to my twisted ankle. The sinsang said it's minor injury and he was pressing, moving my left foot from left to right and pulled it. It was painful but felt slightly better after that whole process. Still can ask me how I feel.  I think I only said "painful".  He put some herb and bandage it. I should leave this for 2 days.

Even showed me how I twisted it.  OTL.

No seafood, no beef, no mushrooms and some other stuff.

I still be able to walk and he told me to move it around, exercise a bit.  Hope I can run after few days.  Though I'm not sure if I can join sotong/Johan's intensive workout tonite.  Might be able to drive, maybe I'll try it later.  Unless if my sis miraculously drive.  So far, no pain when walking, just minor twitching.  Now how am I gonna shower later?  Uh oh, I know, plastic bags!  So smart.


  1. How much did he charge you? I called him earlier but no answer; wanted to go since I had an hour's free time this morning.

    See? Ankle in bandage still wanna go KF tonite. Addict! :P

  2. May be you should rest a day after a hard run,ya.... running is the least injury prone sport,don't worry ya

  3. @Nex: RM35 Oh I called him around 9am and went at 9:30am. But but, I wanna work my upper body XD

    @eugene: I normally run on Tues/Thurs/Sunday, other than that are my rest day. But since I fell 2 Sundays ago, I haven't been running for a week. Finally got my ankle fix properly, somehow soaking it in ice/warm water doesn't speed up recovery.

  4. omg massy, you leg is all swollen up, better take it slowly while it heals. give it time don't overdo it :)

  5. @Nova: it's all fixed now ;D

  6. ouh u take some rest massy...get well soon yah!

    how to shower?....can use wrap it wit plastic bag or u just sit down n put ur leg up to a chair? just a suggestion...eheh~

  7. @amyc: thanks, I though can't bring a chair to the toilet lol! wrap with plastic is possible ;D

  8. fuh! i can feel u..sakit itooo..
    Get well soon Massy!
    Pelan2 kau exercise kama.. ;)

  9. @Ruth: tq tq. hehehehe ini dari lari punya ni. baru fix ;D

  10. @clay: pain no more ;D

  11. oh dear, i can already feel the pain around the ankle. know how it feels.