Thursday, February 24, 2011

Workout Progress

After 3 days of resting my leg.  I decided to jog today.  I though, manage to run roughly 3km.  Had to stop coz I feel so much straining on my left leg.  Gonna rest it again today and try to run again on Saturday.  At this point I'm not sure if I would be able to run on Sunday.  *sigh.  I hope I can.

Look at the map, loop.  This is Likas Jogging Track  Running 10 rounds of this could be so boring.  1 round is below 1km I think.

My progress via dailymile, here.  I am disappointed.  Oh yeah, I charged my garmin watch on Monday and today the battery was 85%, after my run it was 77%.  I'm gonna leave it till Saturday and see how long it last.

Anyways, some part of my body is paining from last nite's cardio/getek session by sotong/Johan.  Free warm up session every Monday and Wednesday. 

Wednesday workout breakdown.  Most of it are done in 1 min.
Punches to the sky (2 rounds)
Knee to the wall (me and my sis's favorite, I think coz I sweat most doing this).
Mountain climber - I did a lot of this months back, I sort of stop doing it for awhile.
Switch base (explosive version) - somehow I can't remember this one.
Burpees (explosive version).

Squats + explosive jump - I didn't do much jumping coz of my ankle.  I can't really jump that high lmao.
Clap push ups - PHAIL! I can't do this.

Ankle touch - paning.
Roll to back, T-kick (touching own hands with kick on ground).
Reverse push ups - OTL awkward.
Switch stance
500 punches + 50 push ups - I think I did below 400.

Oh and 100 kicks + 100 raise knee blocks which I didn't do coz I left with my sis early.

There's also a 5 mins jog.  Very relax jog.  I like to jog. 


  1. i cant imagine massy that you'll replacing Mel @ kadazanbonita on Breakfast Shows

  2. @Aj: no no no, no can do. I can't replace her. I haven't reach her point yet.

  3. Massy! Have u tried jogging at Perdana Park? I see ramai jugak orang jogging sana malam2 .. at least ada lah option orang yang mau pegi night jog kan? :)

    Anyways, I salute u lah.. Mmg jadi Mel no. 2 lah you! :D I wish there was a nice park like Kompleks to jog at. The Subang park near my place is so ndak teratur anymore.. and Dan said ndak safe to go there also. I heard di MPSJ ada jogging track, tapi i ndak pernah ask kalau open to public or not.. it looks like betul2 track place though.. not like a park.

    ISH. I MISS KK. :(

    Btw, Get well, ankle!

  4. @shem: belum test Perdana yet. But I pernah limpas, damn terang and lotsa peeps, macam siok, but it's a bit far from my house, so if wanna go there a bit hard. Nearest is Tun Fuad or Likas. Hmm, alah, I sometimes wish we have a place to jog that is safe, I sometimes jog around Likas to KK pun kin takut oh. And thanks ;D zomg belum reach tahap to be Mel yet.

  5. Massy,, after reading your blog the other about running 26k,, i ran for 2 hours non nice.

    now will do it again tomorrow,am preparing for a Malakoff 26km city run in May,, wanna join me?

  6. @eugene: How fun is that? I think 26k will take me 3 hours to complete OTL. Anyways, I'm doing Half Marathon in May for BIM. Might join Penang Bridge, I'll keep you posted.