Saturday, February 19, 2011

Garmin Forerunner 405CX watch

I've been going back and forth about a sport watch for months and finally decided to purchase em via Ebay on 14th Feb 2011 (personal Valentine's gift?).  Thank gawd the banks open on Monday.  Or I'll be delaying this purchase again. 

I've been timing myself with my handphone for months, to the extent of the phone almost died on me coz I run with it during a 17km heavy rain run.  Not funny.  I had to knock it few times to return it back to normal.  I nearly thought that I'm screwed if the phone died on me.  I though, did a backup for my contact list to another phone heheh.  Just in case.  We don't want the same thing to happen again now do we?

Anyways, my item was shipped on the same day and arrived on 18th Feb 2011 (Friday) from US.  Woohoo.  Thank yew FedEx.  A Garmin GPS watch.  Hope this will help me to keep a better track of my distance/pace/activities and stuff like that. 

I had to open it before I took the picture coz my colleagues wanted to look at it *sweat.

What's in the box?
  • Forerunner 405CX
  • USB ANT stick™
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Two additional wrist straps
  • AC charger
  • Charging clip
  • Owner's manual on disk
  • Quick reference guide

Think I wanna change the strap.  Can't wait to use it on Sunday.  That means, I won't be carrying too many stuff when I run yay!

More info about the watch via Garmin.

An update on my workout.  I'll be joining some 30 - 45 mins workout session on Monday and Wednesday, hope can boost my stamina.  Last Wednesday session was fun and slightly awkward at the same time.  Thanks sotong/Johan.  This weekend, I'm prolly gonna attempt 22km (I'm doubting this) run for the first time and most probably damage my right toes again.  I can't seem to fix that problem yet.  But I'm slowly trying to fix it.  I sort of pull off one of the toe nail and it ain't pretteh.  If the nail does not grow, I'm screwed.  *puts some cream to heal it faster omg omg omg.

Wish me luck!


  1. I ish jelly...mine don't come with the USB ANT stick, and while the site says mine comes with an AC charger, I didn't get one. Mebbe my friend left it out by accident =_='''

    Re your damaged toenails: just paint the rest of the toe nails black to match those two XD

    Word verification: vinessa

  2. @Nex: Oh? How come don't have USB ANT stick? @_@ Toe nail is not blek, it's Inai!

  3. Yeah mine memang don't come with USB ANT stick...I knew that before I bought...but was expecting to see the AC charger...which BTW may not be able to use here since its meant for US punya 110v vs our 220v

  4. @Nex: do you want me to take picture of the charger so u get wut I mean?

  5. its ok, neber mind :P