Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Almost CNY update

Wishing everyone a happy holiday and Happy CNY!  Makan sampai kenyang! (dun overdo it).

I wanted to blog about Pra's Corner few weeks ago, but since I forgot to take photo of the place, I'll just post the fewd I had last 22nd Jan 2011.  Went there with 2 peeps.  Some of the fewd are pricey.  But some aren't.  Like garlic rice is RM3, Naan range from RM5 if I'm not mistaken.  Other dish is a bit pricey.  I can't remember how much though.

I ordered Chicken Vindaloo, I should re-order this next time coz I ask them to reduce spiciness it became tomato chicken.

Keema Naan.  Stuffed mince beef in naan.  I think this is RM5.50? I can't remember.  But this is delicious.  Heck, the dhal and curry is love.

Today after work when for jogging with 3 friends.  Yay!  It rained.  Only manage to run 4.5km *sigh.  Sweat gets into my eye.  More marathon runners around *intimidated.

A friend took a photo of me and another fren running.  This was my last lap.  And it was still raining.  I should have run further.  Oh notice how slouchy I am?  Must fix it.  I wanna run faster!  And I need more running shirt and shorts.

After our run, we went to Easyway for yamchar.  Since I know that I won't be able to make it for dinner at home, decided to eat there instead.  I wanted the Chicken Spaghetti but they dun have it.  So, ordered Garlic French instead.  Not bad.  It's RM2 btw.

Also ordered Jasmine Milky Tea with Pearl.  RM3.90 I think.  Ok ok, not a fan though.

Friend ordered Tuna Sandwich.  Oh this looks interesting.  I wonder how this taste.

It's 11pm and I'm hungry.  I think reason is coz I had 2 pieces of bread and mushroom soup for breakfast, 2 glass of milo for lunch and garlic french for dinner.  Hungry much?  Ah well, since CNY is around the corner, I'll eat more but not overdoing it.  Not forgetting I'm gonna attempt an additional 1km to my previous weekend run this week.  Prays to god that I won't faint.


  1. Happy Chinese New Year to you.

    Tù nián jí xiáng!
    Good Luck in the Year of the Rabbit!"

    SBC Admin.
    Sabahan Bloggers Club.

  2. hello..passing by here...

  3. @Sabahan Bloggers Club: Thanks.

    @reana: Hi ;D

  4. good luck on the training..!! :)
    my elder sister also go jogs/run frm the house to donggongon n back home...AND she's always hungry..hehehe i think its normal...

  5. @alus: maybe coz I had soto ayam for breakfast and no lunch and I burn 3-4 more from running *giggles.