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Sunday, February 20, 2011

20th Feb 2011 [Sunday] - First 22km attempt

Instead of doing 13km run, I went and do the 22km run with a friend.  This week's training sux.  Not only my body was straining, I'm not sure if I had too much to eat on Saturday or the screwy sleeping hours or wutever the reason is, I'm very slow today.  FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!  Am disappointed.

Met munyit/shiVER at 5am.  I was a bit late coz of stomach discomfort.  I don't know why I had to go poo poo every morning.  I'd tape 2 of my toes this week.  I think it's the way I run that I normally bust my toes when I'm done with my long run.

Gewd thing is, my toes are fine this week.  Yay!

Today the Forerunner 405CX went on test run.  Set it as a new lap every 1km.  I started with 6 mins pace and gradually went down the drain to 8 mins pace.  I started walking at 18 - 20km (3km walk, dammit, must refrain from walking but I was straining from waist to my legs).  LOL 10 mins pace when walking, waffu~  I'm almost at the state of not being able to lift my legs.  Damn I'm weak this week.

Was trying to complete 22km but instead only manage to do 21.82km in 2 hours 56 seconds coz I fell at Likas Jogging Track, damn weak left ankle and hurt my knee.  I think I hurt my left ankle 3 times already.  Once when I fell from the stairs, 2nd time was during my 20km run and this will be the 3rd *fespam.

Been trying to connect my activities via the Garmin ANT USB but I couldn't connect it.  I went through the trouble of using my dad's laptop where I manage to get it connected then figured out how I could actually make it possible for my computer to connect with it.  Yay.  Dammit, I went through uploading it twice lmao.  So farnie.  I've also updated the software.  Yay.  I hope my ankle will heal by Monday coz I wanna do some cardio heheh.

I've linked my map/route at dailymile, here.

Btw, the garmin connect summary for my run today is so kewl! *jakun.

Yes I'm letting you see my sucky performance for this week.

I've yet to try the HRM though, didn't wanna try it today coz sked it might be troublesome, maybe next week.  Hope can improve my time. 

Oh my, I'm still hungry.  Imma gonna eat some spaghetti nao. 


  1. It looks painful!!!

  2. @Cindy: The ankle is way more painful than the knee, ini pedih jak. Come to think of it, I can't remember much to how I fell. *sweat.

  3. wow! 22km! i would be panting by the time i reach 1km!

  4. @chegu: I was panting prior to completing this. Look at my lap pace, bidak oh naik turun naik turun, inda consistent.

  5. ur the best! Mas = GG! nuff' said

  6. @clay: I'm not as GG as munyit *sweat.

  7. ugh that looks painful...but i know u can do it Massy...still got like 2 months bah kan...berusaha lagi! :)

  8. @amyc: pedih jak, it's not that bad, but I think my back pun kena damage from that fall, I feel minor pain though. Hopefully be up and running in less than 3 days.

  9. Hey Mas,, this year come to Penang, and we do the half marathon lah,,ok?

    i really want to try for full,,,, but a bit scary lol,,,, well done friend,,,,,

  10. @eugene: I was planning to join the Penang run this year. I'll buzz u if I'm going ;D I'm sked of full marathon, wanna cover half first *sweat. And thanks.

  11. Wah ur software more canggih than mine...Pinjam CD!! XD

  12. @Nex: The software is available at garmin website.

  13. Hibat juga kaki ko ni... hahaha

  14. @holly: 3 times every week jog kan. Kurang sudah tu. Last time 5 times a week jog.