Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jogging/Training Post

Since my blog has been quiet for 2 weeks *brush off spider webs and dusts, I've decided to post my current activities of the week I'm in, okay maybe combine the 2 weeks?  Zomg it's Valentine's Day tomorrow (*buat muka don't care).  Before that, me and sis gonna bring parents to eat some Japanese fewd tonite.  Yay!

Credits to Nex for the pictah

This was last week.  My first attempt at 17km.  There was bunch of us running that day, regardless the rain.  There were bunch of peeps doing 6km run.  Just me and Panja/shiVER for 17km.  Damn he's fast.  

The route.  Start from Likas Sport Complex roundabout to Yayasan Sabah roundabout to Jesselton Point to Signal Hill and finish at Likas.

My calves were paining for 2 days from overexercising.  But surprisingly no pain when I run.  Started at 5:46am, finished it at 2 hours 16 minutes.  I was running solo halfway coz I couldn't catch up with Panja.  It was raining, friends volunteered to pick me up when I was reaching Jesselton Point but I decided to finish it no matter what.  Signal Hill after 10km is not farnie, I ran halfway and had to walk coz it was that tiring.  So, I did a lot of walking there, was slightly disappointed coz I know I could do better.  Gosh I'm slow and soaked.  And my handphone were acting up after that, I had to knock it few times, thank gawd it didn't die on me.  Anyways, more info about the route and run, via dailymile, here.

I have a problem with sleeping after my run.  But I was at home resting my legs,  YEAH rite!  If you call going up and down the stairs resting heheh.  Well at least I wasn't walking at some mall window shopping rite?  Did that few weeks back, BAD IDEA.

My next training day was on Tuesday.  Hated my performance that I went to Tun Fuad and run again on Wednesday.  Increased the distance.  Thank gawd I manage to run 5.4km on Thursday coz I was unsure about the 20km plan on Sunday.  I normally would wanna run at least 8 - 10km on a week day so I at least have a bit of confidence to the distance I'm gonna run on weekend.  But seems like on both weeks I can't seem to do so.  Crap, I think it got something to do with eating too much lately *swt.  Must refrain from junk fewd!

Anyways, this week's route.  Start at Likas Sport Complex to Kingfisher roundabout, U-turn at Dewan Masyarakat and finish at the starting point at Likas.

Started at 6am, finish after 2 hours 33 mins.  Sprained my left ankle at Likas but continue running till I can't feel my legs (literally) that I had to walk for 10 mins from KPD to Likas Square and continued running till I reach the finish line.  Wish I didn't stop for a walk but this week's run was better than last week.  So yeah I'm happy.  No pain gonna stop me.  Very nice warm weather.  More info about route/run via dailymile, here.

Oh yeah, to avoid myself from dehydrating and after advice from friends, I decided to carry a 500ml mineral water bottle filled with glucose.  I normally dun carry any when I run.  Even though it's annoying to be carrying it around but after 3 run with it, I think it's okay since it really does help.  But removing the cap is a bit troublesome coz I'll spilled water on me when running.

And since I ran out of glucose, my sis help me buy this.  Oye! It's the wrong one, but it's okeh, this taste like ribena. 

Progress of my run via dailymile, here.

Looking back, I started running a year ago coz I wanted to lose weight.  I'm at my normal weight now and trying to maintain my weight these days.  It goes up and down from 48kg - 50kg.  I'm aiming to complete BIM Half Marathon, first timer, I'm such a newb.  I also wanna run faster.  And  yes, I got me eyes on the finisher shirt.  Apart from that, I have friends who runs too which is so much fun!  Motivates each other, running solo could be so boring.  It's doable but needs a lot of discipline and self motivating.  Did a lot of that.

I want a Garmin watch ;_; 

Aight I guess that's about it for this post.  I'm actually trying to rest my leg and sleep but it's not working.  And I'm hungry.  It's past 2pm, I think I'll wait till dinner time, but then again, I'm seriously hungry! What should I do?


  1. Good for you :D Keep up the good work.

    A little tip: Don't over train, just increase your mileage progressively and DON'T ignore the pains you feel in your legs. I'm suffering from shin splints right now and trust me, it hurts like hell!

  2. @Nick: Thanks ;D No over training, my legs doesn't hurt that much doing long runs and my ankle seems to be healing. Oh a friend also suffering from shin splints too. Get well soon!