Tuesday, April 12, 2011

11th April 2011

I decided to skip Monday's workout and went for shopping with sis today.  Went to 1b.  She wanted to find some working clothes while I just wanna get more running attire.  I am a bit disappointed with the new adidas collection.  Why only men have greens?  I want greens!!!

Oh yeah, did I mention I finally got contacts?  Yes, as in contact lens.  Uh oh, degree went lower too.  Must be the carrots or the trees? Didn't have any problem poking my eye everyday.  It's kinda fun.  I don't need to be bothered by my glasses when I run/workout.  I though have problem with when at air-conditioned place, eyes get blur every now and then, somehow.

My eldest sis is coming back tomorrow.  Yay! Family dinner!  

Second time had Salmon and rice.  OMG!  Too much carb! Must burn!  Oh this was at Sushi King.

I've been getting hungry a lot lately.  Weird.  Must be the weather?  

Spent almost half of my salary on clothes and it's not even mid month yet. 

Uh oh.  Last Sunday did a almost 21km run.  Manage to cut down my time and lasted 18km run non-stop before I decided to walk for few minutes.  Definitely better than the previous week.  This weekend I'm gonna cut more time!  YOSH!  Wish me luck!  BIM is in less than 3 weeks.  *shite~ I'm nervous.  Can't wait!  My first marathon this year.


  1. Mas, sia admire btul ko ni tau, you can enjoy all the good food and masih look slim kalo sia ni macam punya makan adih, trus tambah basar spare tyre sia hehehe ... sia pun mo start kasi kurang saiz spare tyre sia la ...

    tapi macam susah mo control bila tinguk your foto hehehe ... yum yum yum

  2. @uncle greg: Just exercise so can enjoy delicious fewd ;D

  3. What? Adidas got green colored running gear? I love greens and all my running stuff are mostly lined with green but I can't find a green Adidas running gear here *hrrruummmppphhh* Jealous! LOL!

    Actually the collection of running gear here horrible la though Brooks have come out with some new neat ones recently :D

  4. @Nick: only for mens! How unfair! *sigh. Why women adidas running top so ugly the color aiya. So sad one.