Saturday, April 09, 2011

April 2011

*brush off spider webs.

I seem to have less things to blog lately.  I been wanting to but I got distracted with some other stuff. 

On another note, I have less than a month to "train" before BIM (Borneo International Marathon) in May.  Been running every Sunday at 4am these past few weeks. 

Anyways, today, I decided to follow mum and sis to CP.  Sis wanted to straighten her hair.  Actually didn't want to follow but heck, I need to, boredom.  Knowing mum, she'd go to few other places before heading to CP.  I knew it!  Went to car wash, sis's previous workplace etc.  Only got to CP around nearly 2pm. 

At the car wash.  I saw kitteh!  Skinneh kitteh.  Feed em, aiyo~  There's actually 2 other kitteh there, but I was in the car most of the time.

The kitteh on the right is so hensem.  I wanna take him home but I dun think mum would let me hehe~

Expected slow moving since it's lunch time.

Went to Japanese Dream Food for lunch.  Hungreh!  I had chicken pau for breakfast and it's not enough.

I felt like Salmon today.  So ordered Salmon Teriyaki set.  Dammit, should have ordered the Unagi instead hrmph~  Sis ordered Chicken Teriyaki set.  She left early coz rebonding takes 2 hours or more?

Me and mum were walking around CP for few hours till her legs got really tired that she wanted to sit.  I had to go around alone.  Boring.  Didn't buy much stuff.  Guess what time sis finish her rebonding?  Past 6pm zomg! So long that my eyes were all red and tired. 

Reach home at 7:30pm and had a bit fried noodles for dinner.  I think I should go shower now and go sleep.  Early morning tomorrow.


  1. eeeiii kiteh...take the kitteh for me pls :)

  2. @AmyC: tu kucing di Penampang tu, tempat cuci kreta. Nobody punya. Cute kan?