Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Touch of Evil: Something Wicked Boardgame

I think I better do this and get it over with.  And since that I'm in that state where I'm completely and utterly annoyed at this hour (I revisited some thoughts and I'm at a unhappy place, this is a good distraction), might as well blog about this or it won't happen.

This will be the third (3rd) time I'll be blogging about this boardgame.  The difference is, this is an expansion.  Not a completely different boardgame but the map is connected to the previous one.  I firstly gotta thank Ripz/Blek for letting us play after BIM.  Yeah I sort of threatened him to let us play.  My bad.  I didn't wanna spend my whole day resting, I'm naturally stubborn.  Thank you.

But before we get to the boardgame part, I just gotta say, I just finish watching Battleship, I love it! :)  Especially the part where they use that old ship.  Okay, enough spoilers.  Lets get to it.

More info. about this boardgame at BoardGameGeek.


The map, this connects from the crossroads.  Oh wai- I just realize I didn't take photo of it connected, or did I?  *browse photo album.

Just realize I didn't take photo of the combined map.  Nevermind, will show the overall of the board once I'm done.

Four (4) additional characters.

Four (4) additional villians.

Additional cards, you're suppose to mix it with the other one.  Don't worry, got indication which is from the expansion.

More tokens.

Villian minions chart and etc.  There's indication on the map on how the character suppose to travel from the map to the other.  Some of the locations have Investigation tokens at the start of the game.

Lets just say that we didn't finish the game cause it took longer than it should eventhough we were playing easy mode.  This is where we stopped.

Was definitely fun.  Blek was playing the captain.  He have the power to use the militia.  Only 1 not all lol.  And the villian we were up against was the Gargoyle.

Reason for stopping is cause aircond too cold and my joints starting to sore.  And also it's dinner time.  We don't wanna starve ourselves hehe.  We'll replay this again soon.

So, next boardgame would be Mage Knight.  And I'm looking forward for somebody to purchase the above boardgame.  Spotted it at Times Bookstore at Suria Sabah Shopping Mall on Thursday.  Do want!

Ahh at least I feel slightly better now.

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