Thursday, May 03, 2012

A Touch of Evil boardgame: Advance Mode

Contemplating, I wanted to blog about this but I got this lazy bug keeps getting to me.  Today, am gonna force myself to complete this post somehow, RAWR!

So it was a holiday last Tuesday.  I went for my run in the morning after 4 hours of sleep.  Thank god for auto body clock or I won't be able to wake up for that run at all.  Initially, set the alarm for after 3 hours sleep cause I came back from a party and slept at 1am.  God, I was seriously tired.  Like in the state of sleeping in but I thought to myself, this weekend is the race, I might as well get myself up and do it!  Manage to complete my run faster than I should, couldn't maintain my marathon pace cause I keep going faster lol.  Must maintain that pace, if not I think I'm screwed.  Finish at around nearly 8am, omg so hot!  I felt like roasted chicken.  Went to breakfast at Kedai Kopi Janggut, yummeh fish mee soup.  Went home, omg! I can't remember what I did after that till blackout around noon.  Planned a boardgame session with some friends but the place we wanted to go also no electricity.  And the roads are jammed because of the cycling event, Borneo Tour? Tour Borneo?  Most of the roads are closed and some of the traffic light are out.  Stayed home and napped near the balcony for wind.  Woke up at 2pm and by 3pm went to Kuya's house for boardgame.  Strong wind is strong.

First time play for Jna and Kuya.  I get the privilege to use Anne Marie, the School Teacher.  I got curious and wanted to play her this round because of her abilities.  While the other use random character.

The good thing about using her is, she gets +2 combat with each Book she has in her possession.  + lotsa combat rollls woohoo!

Oh yeah and for those who follow me on instagram, sorry 'bout the massive boardgame photos spam last Tuesday hehe.

Pick a random villian, there's actually 4 villians to choose from.  We're up against:  THE SPECTRAL HORSEMAN!

This villian's minions.

I frigging hate the Hound!

All of us starts at the Town Hall except the Drifter (Sakuya) starts at the Crossroads.

Town Elders with Secret Cards, to reveal, on your turn, pay 4 Investigation.

Example of the Secrets Card for the Town Elder.  In this game, 2 of the town elder turned evil and allied with the villian :(

After 4 hours still not finish.  Wanna know why?

Shadow track gets closer to the darkness.

Gives the villian more HP!  I think for this session, the villian has 32HP in total WARGH!  So stressful with the sucky dice rolls.

Notice the evil Town Elder?  Adds +1 to combat and +1 to HP!  Good god!  The heroes success roll to attack Spectral Horseman 5+ while the Horseman gets a 4+ success OMG!

But we also got the advantage with help from the Militia.

We all died few times but at least we win the game.  I have a total of 13 combat rolls.

This is the longest game ever, we finish it in 5 hours.  Oh lord, I think my back was gonna break.


We went to Yoyo, Damai after that.  OMG, thank you Kuya cause she found the facial wash I wanted.  It's hard to find MandomCorp Green Tea Facial Scrub these days. :(

Next blog post will be about BIM 2012 woot!


  1. Did you cover back that sleep or not? Sleep four hours, went out running then play some more. So much energy!

    1. I had an hour nap around noon. When I play boardgame, when reaching 7pm-8pm, I think I wanna pingsan sudah, my body got really tired. I think I reach my limit by then lol