Monday, June 11, 2012

Super Dungeon Explore Boardgame

Gee, where do I start?  Now before I get to talking about this boardgame, I was gonna blog about the food I had this whole week.  But then again, I'll probably gonna reserve that and blog about it like after this or next time, depending on if I'm lazy or not.

But I will definitely start with how my day went and talk about the boardgame as we go.  

Ahhh the usual Sunday morning run.  Slept early as usual the night before, I think I slept around 10pm, set alarm for 3am cause I thought I might need to eat something, I do not like to be late.  What bums me, I wake every hour like seriously, it's not that I couldn't sleep, it's just that everytime I wake up, I thought I had like at least 3 - 4 hours of sleep, I guess that did not happen.  I know this cause I check my phone/watch the moment I wake up, maybe I should keep track of my sleeping hours again with that phone app called SleepBot.  Seems to work the last time but I think I stop using it cause I got lazy of pressing it everytime I go to sleep or wake up.  Hehe.

This was around before 6am.  Dark clouds everywhere

It started raining around 2:30am.  Again, it was an on and off of waking and snoozing till 3am.  Showered, had bread, Y U NO peanut butter?  And waited for the rain to stop.  I was having mild fever, I think due to the lack of sleep, had panadol, felt slightly better, as long as I'm not dizzy, I'm good to go.  I was planning to leave the house at around 4:40am cause meeting up with Dan at the starting point around 5am.  Nope, the rain didn't stop till 5:40am.  Mind you, I was already geared up and ready to go.  Reached Likas Complex and it's still pouring.  Waited till 6am, not totally stop but decided to just go with it.  Initially planned for 18km end up doing 10km only *sigh.  

This was around 7:20am.  So HOT!  But lotsa "puffy cottons" so nice

That's the second week couldn't complete long runs due to rain.  Paced with Dan, I think I fall back after reaching 6 or was it 7km right after the bridge, couldn't keep up with his pace, too fast for me.  Stitch around 8-9km, all I could think of that time was "come on! burp dammit burp!" (that usually work but sometimes it takes time to burp).  I nearly give up around 7km cause I feel drained but kept going and try to maintain pace.  Wish I could go faster though.  Completed 10km in 1 hour 3 mins *pft~  Went for breakfast.  Had Curry Laksa *slurps~

It's been awhile.  I think I got bored with having the same food over and over again that I wanted something different for breakfast this time.  I actually have a list of food that I wanted to eat.  Like Pan Mien, that cold dish thing from Peppermint, oh the Lobak Ko from under the bridge near KK Plaza, Fishball noodle soup ;3 okay, lets just stop right there lol.  Anyways,  went home, showered, watch Common Law (tv series) and slept for an hour, or maybe I had more than an hour.  My initial wake up alarm is roughly around 40 mins but I think I was in that state where I am finally sleeping but had to wake up cause boardgame session at 12:30 noon and it's still raining!

Was late and had lunch at Fook Yuen Star City.

Went to JCTIC and start playing around 1 something.

So here's about Super Dungeon Explore via BoardGameGeek.

Super Dungeon Explore (SDE) is a dungeon crawler inspired by old Japanese console RPGs. The miniatures are done in a cute / chibi / super-deformed style, which means the head is roughly the same size as the rest of the body.
One to five players take the role of classic fantasy heroes like the human paladin, a dwarf fighter, or an elf ranger. One player is the "Dark Consul" who controls the monsters of the dungeon. Every hero/monster has a character card that details the stats for movement, attack, armor, willpower, dexterity, action points and hearts (= life points). Additional information may include special abilities / actions / attacks and potions.
The game is played on modular dungeon boards. During a round of play, the game passes back and forth between single heroes and the monsters, but the exact order may change from round to round. The characters use the stats from their character card, special dice (with hearts, potions and stars) are only used for combat and checks. If the heroes wound the opponent, they may draw loot cards to improve their stats. There is also the possibility to open treasure chests to find even more powerful things. The monsters have no possibility to "level up" but the Dark Consul has an unlimited number of them.
To win the game, the Dark Consul must defeat all heroes in his dungeon. The heroes must spawn the dungeon boss by killing monsters or destroying all spawning points (= entry points for new monsters). The heroes must then kill the dungeon boss to be victorious.
A simple way to put it, explore explore, whack monsters, get loot, level up!  Pretty straight forward ain't it?

The rulebook.

I'll try to explain whatever I can, though if you wish to have a session (only in KK though), or would like more explanation about this game, could buzz the owner Zak XD (if he sees this).

First off, today's session, 3 new player (including myself) and 2 returning players Yack Yack and Rebecca (is this how u spell her name?).  Anyways, the characters/heroes to choose from.

There's 10 to choose from.  Actually 9 cause when you pick the druid, the angry bear will follow you.

Each heroes has their own unique ability.  Aren't these cute?

My random choice of hero.

You get to use both, no, not at the same time but one depending on if you shape shift or not.

Color dice.  In order of greatness.  Blue - Red - Green.  Just that the possibility of rolling a higher number is greater if you get the green die.  Also depending on your equipment/abilities.  But you also need a bit of luck.

The map/tiles.  Pick by the players or in other words, heroes choice?

The adventure tracker.

When you killed a monster and when a monster deals wound to you.  Tracker keeps moving.  And the small bos and the bos appear once the tracker reach the end  or somewhere there.

There's also treasure chest around the map.  But two (2) of the treasures could be monsters.  The Boo Booty.  In this case, our Rogue had the pleasure of meeting both.  LOL!  Greedy rogue is greedy.

A sample how heroes, in this case, the Paladin, equip those equipment receive from loot and treasures.

The top one is treasure card.  Heroes can only equip 1 equipment of the 4 different colours unless you have a card that says otherwise.  The heart tokens are "improvised" wound tokens.

I would wanna stick to the Paladin for the aura.  Add +1 to dice hehe.

Notice the blue token thinggie right behind that fella with the sword?  That's the aura token.

My hero with equipment.  Not so great equipment.  I gotta be the nicest person ever to give away all my good loots lol.

Co-op game, sharing is caring.

Every now and then, we'd make fun of the rogue for going solo but gotta thank him (wait, isn't his character is a chick? okay whichever) for the treasures :) Wait, no, I do not thank cause I didn't receive any hahahah.

My druid shape shift to the Angry Bear.  COME AT ME BRO!

I sacrifice myself oh wai- no I'm still alive to block Rex's path.

When bear not in play.  Dan make him carry stuff lol.


My treasures :)

The type of monsters you'll encounter.  Some have armour and some don't (easier to kill given that your dice rolls don't suck).

The monsters and heroes minis.  Red are monsters and everything else are heroes except those treasure chest.

These towers are spawning points for monsters.  Must destroy!  It doesn't attack back but if you stand face to face to it, you get burn.  I think there's 5 of these.  *vague memory is vague.

Rex, small bos.  There's two (2) of em.

Monsters are controlled by the Consul/DM.  I do not know how you could keep track the movements of all the monsters.  You need Post It's!!!

Cause I think it's a bit troublesome for him to turn the monsters from one side to the other when already make a move lol.

Fiyah breathing dragon!  RUN!!!  I swear we were at the same place except the rogue for the longest time.

Big bos!  The Starfire.  I do not want to stand near it cause I do not wanna be on fire.  You also could be on fire if you stand on the lava.  Why?  Cause you take damage when you activate.

The final battle.

With 1 HP left, everyone wants a piece of the dragon!  The ranger did the final damage, yay for being able to fly!


Overall a good game, could be more aggressive next time.  I think where I was sitting was a bit warm and I was sweating for quite a while and with the lack of sleep, my brain is a bit lag.  Fun indeed.  We finished it for almost 6 hours though.  How did we got to that?  Omg.  Thanks for the drinks and snacks.  Ribena! ;3

I've posted more photos on my facebook account, here.

YES!  I'm finally done.  Okay sorry if some of my infos are incomplete or left hanging.  That's for having just an hour of sleep.  Everything is a bit of a blur hehe.

Happy reading :)


  1. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Pick a Druid and an angry bear follows? That's so gay. :-)

    1. @Anon: I think the heroes are ghey in their own way ;)

  2. Curry laksa for breakfast! Me want some too. *drool*

    1. Best kan. Next I wanna eat Ayam Penyet hehe

  3. Scary oh kan the clouds yesterday? Even my neighbor told me that someone spotted a real dragon on the clouds in KL. LOL!

    1. Oh I saw that in one of my friend's instagram